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Lucid sits at the center of the programmatic insights ecosystem. While we’re not a survey platform or a market research firm, Lucid’s sampling Marketplace operates between the two. 

Here’s how it works: Online surveys are created in a user’s preferred survey platform, and Lucid sends the surveys to the right audience. The raw data we provide offers a direct, wholesale survey sampling option. Survey results can then be used for all kinds of insights – market research, media measurement & brand lift studies, and more.

Where do we find audiences to survey? Respondents are carefully sourced from our Marketplace Suppliers who provide direct access to their online communities of survey takers.

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LUCID Mission

We want to change how the world’s answers are accessed. Our ecosystem has a profound impact on the world around us by fostering a greater understanding of one another.

LUCID Vision

Lucid is pioneering a technology solution that leads the way for anyone, in any industry, to make data-driven decisions inspired by the sentiments of real people.

LUCID Values

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Community building

We foster an inclusive community environment that builds trust, character, and makes all people feel empowered through Lucid. We strive to have a positive impact on the world around us.

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We approach our colleagues, customers, and global community with respect and empathy. We strongly believe in advocating for each other.

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We lean into the unknown and constantly push ourselves to grow. We aim to make quick decisions, while inspiring those around us to take risks and trust their instincts.

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We want to be honest, humble, and transparent – as individuals and teammates. Sharing our ideas and passion helps us achieve goals faster.

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Curious learning

We encourage a strong desire to continue learning beyond our domain. Personal and professional goals are fueled by thirst for knowledge and challenging the status quo.

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Driving success

We aim to lead with innovation, ambition, and resourcefulness. Our actions should be purposeful and results-driven, with the goal of enabling our organization and partners to succeed.

Corporate Affiliations

Lucid is proud to partner with companies that contribute to the advancement of our industry and community.

Press and brand guidelines


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Brand guidelines

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Visit our citations page to see how our partners collect and publish data from the Lucid Marketplace.

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