Basics of ResTech:
Video Series

The Basics of ResTech webinar series is available for online viewing! Each session outlines different ways ResTech can be used to drive better results for your business. Individual sessions include:


Webinar Presentations

Graham Idehen
Director, Customer Success EMEA

Aaron Ball
Senior Consultant, Marketplace Integrations EMEA

Gurleen Sagoo-Sbrighi
Senior Account Manager EMEA

Market Research 101

Presentation Description:
Unfamiliar with the power of Market Research? No worries! In this webinar, learn how Market Research can help bridge the divide between global questions and human answers to provide you with better insight on how to grow your business. Plus, explore how the Market Research Industry is evolving with the help of Research Technology (ResTech).

Laura Manning
Director, Strategic Partnerships

The Future of Media Measurement

Presentation Description:
During this session, attendees will learn about how measuring the impact of advertising plays a major role in the ResTech industry. Listeners will also be able to learn how Lucid’s Impact Measurement product allows users to measure brand lift and optimize media performance in real-time.

Riley Croft
Senior Director, Marketplace Supply

Generate New Revenue as a Survey Sample Supplier

Presentation Description:
Lucid’s unique open marketplace model empowers any online platform to engage their audience and grow new lines of revenue. In this webinar, learn how to leverage supplier access to Lucid Marketplace – the world’s largest source of online surveys – to produce and sell quality insights.

Holladay Saltz
Senior UX Designer

Improving Respondent Experience

Presentation Description:
At the other end of every survey there are people. Real people with real lives, real struggles, real needs. Because research is focused on outcomes (we want answers and we want them quickly) it’s easy to forget that what we make when we make a survey is a request to another human being. We’re asking for a real person’s time, attention, and personal information– all precious, all intimate. We can’t get to our outcomes without such requests. It stands to reason that how we make those requests makes a big difference– from the tenor of the system as a whole down to the quality of the answers.