A Farewell to Our Summer 2016 Intern Class

Aug 12, 2016 | People

August in New Orleans is hot, humid, and shows no signs of cooling off, but after nearly three months, the actual summer season is coming to an end, and it’s time to say goodbye to our fantastic intern class. We had eight amazing interns take part in our mentorship program, all of whom worked across different departments on projects essential to growing the company.

Our interns aren’t an adjunct to our team; they become part of it, and part of our culture. The hard work that they put in this summer is priceless – we hope to them as well as to us! We tasked our interns each with a different project to complete over the course of the summer based on their previous experiences, what worked best with the company, and how we thought the interns could get the most out of their time here. Challenging someone to create or work on something entirely unfamiliar tests creative skills, develops the crucial ability to collaborate and ask questions, and helps them prepare for their future. So let’s see what everyone got up to over the last couple months.

The Tech Team
Over the last six months, our tech team has nearly doubled in size – both in employees and in projects. Keeping the team focused and productive is core. The tech interns set to work on creating different product roadmaps and integrations between the software and the tools we use. Check out some of the incredible work done by our tech team interns:

  • Victoria was mentored by the DevOps team and created a deployment dashboard that pulled records from Jenkins and displayed them in an easy-to-read format. Now, every time a project is deployed into a testing environment, you can see its name, what environment it was sent to, who did it, when it happened, whether or not it was successful, as well as excerpts from the console logs.
  • Danh worked with the API developers to integrate the Jira API and Namely API with the company’s Slack account to improve workflow. In addition, he is developing a command line interface for running tests on the Lucid API.
  • Kristen has been working with our front end developers to design a web application for the company’s product roadmap. This is an extremely useful internal tool to keep everyone up to speed on the progress of different company wide projects.
  • Tasnim worked on making a QA Dashboard which parses data from the Jenkins console output. Information from Jenkins will now be accessible to everyone in an easy to read and understand format.
  • Paul was part of our BI Team and worked with Fulcrum, looking at how to re-blend panels with both the exact respondents and respondents with similar attributes to give buyers freedom to change suppliers.

The Marketing Team
After Lucid rebranded a year ago, we built a marketing function from scratch. Supporting sales, upping our social media presence, sponsoring conferences, and getting the word out about who we are at Lucid have been main foci.

  • Kayla has worked on bolstering our social media content, created surveys for our PR agency, written multiple posts for the Lucid blog, assisted in designing landing pages for lead generation, and helped plan events for conferences that Lucid sponsored, including more than one actual New Orleans parade.

The People Team
2016 was a record-breaking year for Lucid. We have surpassed 10 billion questions answered on our platform, and in just 6 months we have hired 54 new employees globally! All of this company growth was facilitated by our exceptional (and small!) People team.

  • Gina worked tirelessly on onboarding new employees during the last two months, in addition to consolidating the payment and benefits plan into one application.

The Accounting Team
All of this company growth means an increase in revenue, projects, employees – and work on the finance side. The accounting team is the backbone of Lucid, and plays a vital role in making sure all of our projects are viable and ensuring we maximize revenue.

  • Rebecca sent out client invoices, managed expense reports and credit cards, and assisted with reaching out to clients regarding payments, overall helping Lucid to stay on budget and continue to grow as a company.

Some of our favorite memories this summer
As the summer draws to a close, we wanted to find a way to unite and honor all of the skills our interns have learned – some through trial and error and some through the directed help of their mentors. The intern team wanted to test their creativity, teamwork, and general knowledge they gained about the industry. The best way we thought to do this was through a little friendly competition. A spin on the popular show Shark Tank, we created Lucid Tank, a competition to see which group could come up with the next Lucid product. Split into groups of four, each team spent weeks researching what they thought the best new product for Lucid would be. The interns then pitched their idea to the company and our executive team (the sharks) decided on a winner. It was a tough competition, and we were impressed by how well-designed each team’s product was. In addition to Lucid Tank, here are some of the most memorable moments at Lucid this summer:

  • Watching our fearless CEO Patrick cut a cookie cake with a sword after our July company meeting
  • Cheering on Team USA at the Olympics during lunch on one of the many TVs around the office
  • Getting hyped up on caffeine when the tech team brought in cans of Surge
  • Creating fun emojis to use in Slack
  • Participating in the company Hackathon
  • Catching all the Pokemon around the office (there are a lot!)
  • Joining the office Card Sharks club and learning different card games each week

Overall, our mission was to give our interns projects with purpose. We say even of our full-time employees “no one is at Lucid forever”. Part of the company mission is mentoring great people who’ll go on to do other, non-Lucid, great things. We hope each of our 2016 intern team  can take the skills they learned during their time at Lucid and use them in the future. We are grateful for all the time and effort they put in for both their individual and team projects, and know that our summer would not have been the same without this wonderful group. We look forward to implementing the different roadmaps and integrations created over the summer. Wishing our interns the best of luck in the future!


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