Alpha Integrates with Fulcrum to Generate User Insights in Minutes

Apr 13, 2016 | Press, Marketplace

Alpha, a New York-based software company that generates qualitative and quantitative user feedback for Fortune 500 product teams, wanted to reduce the turnaround for clients to go from question to insight. Alpha understood the importance of giving their clients fast and easy access to high-quality panels, but most of the vendors they tried working with offered limited functionality and poor documentation. They turned to Fulcrum as a solution to help them source highly targeted user groups at scale and generate insights at a much faster rate.

– Hours instead of weeks to implementation
– User insights in minutes or hours compared to weeks or months
– New product opportunities uncovered with advanced demographic segmentation

About Alpha

Alpha enables Fortune 500 product teams to test new product and feature ideas and make data-driven decisions. Enterprise product teams use their platform to run experiments and generate qualitative and quantitative feedback in order to quickly learn what users need and want.

The Challenge

Alpha relied on high-quality vendors to source custom user panels for their clients, but for a long time, their options were limited due to vendor APIs with limited functionality and poor or outdated documentation. Demographic targeting options were also limited and sourcing was often slow or unreliable.  

It seemed like most of the vendors they tried working with couldn’t even make sense of their own documentation and offered virtually no support. Alpha recognized the need for a reliable technology partner with a robust sourcing capability who could seamlessly integrate with their platform and quickly answer critical questions.

With Fulcrum, Alpha found a global programmatic sample marketplace coupled with a coherent set of developer documentation for a simple integration. Once they began their trial, it was clear that leveraging the Fulcrum Demand API was straightforward, with lots of well-defined customization available. Fulcrum sent a few of their team members to discuss more of their offerings in person, including workflows in which the team could improve their developer efficiency, and by the end of a brief meeting they had successfully placed their first order.

The Solution

Fulcrum solved a user panel sourcing bottleneck for Alpha by providing access to world-class panel quality and diversity through a seamless API integration.


One of the most impressive aspects of Fulcrum is the massive vendor marketplace that we can access through a single, abstracted API. This provides our clients with highly-targeted user sourcing without an operational bottleneck.<br/ style=”height: .2em !important; margin: 0 !important; padding: 0 !important”>Haggai Weiser, VP of Engineering, Alpha


Alpha previously spent anywhere between two weeks and three months integrating with other panel vendors. However, within only a few days they already had a working and valuable integration with Fulcrum. The team is still exploring the many possibilities the Fulcrum Demand API offers, but already they have seen far superior results than alternatives.

Alpha clients work on innovative projects in healthcare, media, and finance. Often their tests are on the periphery of existing use cases so being able to tap into a global panel in a seamless way allows them to get data in real time to make product decisions.

Many of the experiments are exploratory and the results can be difficult to predict. In one case, a client wanted to access the demographic information of the respondents from a survey they ran on Alpha. Since Fulcrum provides demographic information on a per respondent basis, including age, gender, ethnicity, household income, employment, and education level, they were able to segment the data to better understand trends for different user groups. Because of this, the client was actually able to identify a product opportunity for a specific audience.

The Results

The Fulcrum Demand API has enabled the Alpha development team to consistently deliver capabilities in a cost-effective manner. The time to implementation with Fulcrum was mere hours instead of weeks as it was with alternatives, and the results were far superior.

Alpha clients are now able to generate insights from user groups in minutes or hours, often compared to weeks or months if they used alternative offerings. The team credits the Fulcrum integration, and the quality and scale of data for much of this increase in speed.


Clients are now also able to segment respondents by demographic information post-survey, in case they want to cast a wide net and do a granular analysis afterward. This helps Fortune 500 product teams to identify diamonds in the rough that may have otherwise been overlooked.

Reliable and updated APIs are an integral part of the Alpha platform.They enable clients to instantly access advanced capabilities and technologies. The Alpha team is thrilled that Fulcrum was able to deliver a truly powerful integration in such an efficient manner. Perhaps most importantly, they have found that Fulcrum has phenomenal documentation and support which has cut down on their request turnaround and downtime significantly. And with Lucid office headquarters in New Orleans, it’s also a wonderful excuse for the Alpha team to make a trip down during Mardi Gras!

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