Announcing Q4 Fulcrum Quality Scores

Feb 1, 2017 | Marketplace, Quality, Monetization

The Q4, 2016 Fulcrum Quality scores are here to improve your business! A general overview of the scores can be seen here.

The Fulcrum Quality Program offers a variety of benefits to both buyers and suppliers.

For buyers:

  • Evaluate sample quality (cost is not positively correlated)
  • Gauge panel composition for better blending
  • Expand global reach with insight into the behavioral makeup

For suppliers:

  • Self-evaluate the performance and accuracy of panels
  • Work with Partner Ops to improve scores
  • Use Production Metrics to blend sample and meet targets

Refresh your understanding of the scores below, and learn a bit more about how rankings were impacted in Q4, 2016:

  • QScore: Respondent attentiveness and answer quality within a quarterly standardized quality survey.
  • Consistency: Supplier composition consistency over time.
  • Acceptance: Percentage of completes ultimately accepted by buyers.

Take a look at a brief comparison of the top performers from Q4 and understand why their rankings changed after Q3.

2016 Q4 Quality Rankings

Fulcrum users can view scores for specific supplier’s scores by logging into the Fulcrum platform. (Bid > Supplier Search, reports are available under each supplier profile)

Review our quality infographic for a brief review of sample quality measures to date.  

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