Black Friday 2018: An Early Look

Nov 20, 2018 | Marketplace

On Monday at 3pm we utilized the power of the Lucid Marketplace to get an early window into 2018 Black Friday consumer habits. By 4pm, we had surveyed almost 1,500 consumers and identified some interesting trends in the first days of this week’s holiday deals.

16% have already cashed in on a Black Friday deal – and another 19% planning on making a purchase before Black Friday. But almost 1/3 of Americans aren’t planning on taking advantage of any Black Friday Deals this year.

Advertisers, did you get your ad campaigns in market early enough? 29% of consumers surveyed started researching deals more than 10 days before Black Friday. And of those planning on participating, less than 10% are waiting until the big day to see what is available.

24% of consumers are forgoing family time for in-store deals, while 28% will be doing their Black Friday shopping online. Looking ahead to Cyber Monday, 5% more people plan to participate this year than in 2017.

What can retailers expect in 2018? As of Monday, 2/3 of consumers surveyed say that they plan on spending as much or more on deals than they did in 2017. 20% are planning on cutting back this year.

While 6% of the nationally representative sample of American consumers are big spenders – planning on spending more than $1,000 on Black Friday deals – 55% of shoppers are avoiding the big-ticket items and looking to spend less than $250 on deals this year.

If we can learn so much about 2018 Black Friday trends in under an hour, imagine what business insights you can gain with Lucid Marketplace.

Contact one of our Lucid experts to demo Marketplace and access tens of millions of real humans looking to answer your questions.

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