Exploring the Latest Updates to Impact Measurement

While it’s true that a SaaS product’s success is determined by its functionality and usability, the updates that optimize its performance are just as important. Great products continue to improve over time. That’s why we’re excited to dive into the latest updates that have been made to Impact Measurement, our brand lift measurement solution. 

Impact Measurement’s user interface is one of our customers’ favorite aspects of the product, so we’ve added new features and upgraded the user experience to make the UI even easier to use. Dan Yi, Principal Product Manager at Lucid, joins us to answer a few questions about these updates and why they are valuable to Impact Measurement customers. 

Can you give an overview of Impact Measurement and its benefits for marketers and advertisers?

Impact Measurement is incredibly powerful for marketers. It’s a real-time analytics product that measures brand lift of a digital campaign and surfaces results that are refreshed daily. Lucid’s unmatched scale quickly delivers campaign brand lift data and allows our users to optimize their campaigns based on the performance they’re seeing.

While there are a few products in the market today, a lot of them can’t provide actionable insights throughout a campaign the way ours can. Impact Measurement reaches stability within weeks of launch, informing media decisions for our customers. It really empowers marketers to improve their brand impact and media ROI. 

How is Impact Measurement used to measure ad campaign performance?

Advertising and marketing are so omnipresent and audiences have their attention pulled in so many directions. So, it’s important to ensure your campaign is having the intended impact while it’s in-flight. 

Impact Measurement helps marketers make informed decisions with data that is refreshed nightly. Ultimately, it’s a big time-saver with excellent data visualizations and no manual processing. And, of course, the user interface is easy to navigate, which is a huge benefit to users. It also helps users identify opportunities for campaign optimization that improve results and drive brand KPIs.

What are the latest updates that have been implemented to the Impact Measurement UI?

The reporting UI has been upgraded to be even more intuitive. We have a new overview page that provides side-by-side views of KPIs, summarized demographic insights, as well as enhanced charts and graphs throughout the dashboard. This data is extremely valuable and allows users to get a deeper understanding of what is driving brand lift performance at a glance.

The main updates include a campaign overview page with an all KPI view and age and gender charts. There are also key performance insights that are summarized by KPI, which enables Lucid customers to share with key stakeholders in their organizations directly in the UI or easily copy them into presentations. These updates also support visualizations for grid questions in the brand lift survey!

Why did Lucid make these updates to Impact Measurement?

Since we released our product last year, we gathered a lot of feedback from customers on how to improve our product to make their day-to-day lives easier and better. These changes are based on all of it!

For additional information about the new Impact Measurement updates, you can reach out to your Lucid account manager. If you aren’t a Lucid customer yet and would like to learn more about our media measurement solutions, contact us and someone from our team will be in touch!

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