Global Sample Marketplace: Fulcrum has First API to API

Aug 16, 2013 | Uncategorized

By Patrick Comer

Today is a landmark day in the sample industry, and we are very excited!!

Fulcrum achieved its first “API to API” or system to system complete.

So what happened?

1) A sample buyer launched a survey in their own system.
2) That survey’s sample requirements where pushed to Fulcrum via API
3) API integrated sample suppliers read those requirements and sold sample via Fulcrum to that study
4) Complete end to end sample pricing and delivery automated between the panel and the survey system
5) Human involvement in the process = none
Why is this important?

The sample industry finally has its global sample exchange. Just like the stock market or Google’s Doubleclick.

Whether you believe this is exciting, frightening, or confusing, this change is coming faster than you think and will fundamentally impact the way sample is bought, sold, and delivered.

We choose to be THRILLED!!! To be a part of this sea change, join us in New Orleans for SampleCon 2013.

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