How Attitudinal Measurement Is Applied to Strategic Brand Measurement

May 4, 2022 | Media Measurement

The Massive Scope of Measurement in Advertising

In February of 2022, NBCU released a framework to provide a guide to measurement in response to the massive growth in the space and limited resources available to help marketers educate themselves. They included six pillars of measurement: Audience Measurement, Brand Measurement, and Incrementality Measurement to list a few. With these categories, marketers and vendors alike can better understand the types of measurement companies that exist and the number of unique solutions that are available. 

In fact, within the measurement pillars, there are many companies that offer similar solutions that can provide you with unique value. For instance, Lucid Impact Measurement is an attitudinal brand measurement product that enables marketers, researchers, and agencies to understand how upper-funnel/branding campaigns are impacting attitudes and opinions about a brand. Our attitudinal measurement is built on sophisticated technology with a direct connection to a marketplace of survey respondents.

Let’s dive into attitudinal measurement and explore its function within the brand measurement space!


What is Attitudinal Measurement?

Attitudinal measurement is exactly what it sounds like: the measurement of attitudes. Lucid’s marketplace is filled with opt-in respondents, who provide authentic responses to understand your target audience’s opinions. While it is necessary to understand how your marketing campaigns are performing, it’s more insightful to understand how your audience’s attitude towards your brand or product is impacted as a result of seeing your ads. For example, if one of your KPIs is brand awareness, understanding if your audience is more aware of your brand after seeing your ads gives you actionable data to strategize a more effective awareness campaign. 


Why is Attitudinal Measurement Important?

Attitudinal measurement is a necessary component of brand measurement that delivers a comprehensive understanding of the impact of your marketing efforts. It provides the why to your target audience’s behaviors, not just what is happening while a campaign is in-flight. It is equally as important to know where your audience is, as it is to understand their thoughts and attitudes towards the ads they are being served. Without the additional understanding, you are omitting the data that gives you the full story needed to make data-driven decisions. 


How to Apply Attitudinal Measurement to Your Advertising Strategy

If you’re not using attitudinal measurement as part of your current advertising strategy, implementing it is simple. The first step is finding a measurement partner that can deliver insights on the brand KPIs that are most important to you and/or your clients. Some measurement solutions have set KPIs you can track, while others can be customized to your needs.

The next step is to ensure that your chosen partner can provide you with up-to-date attitudinal data. Lucid Impact Measurement insights are provided daily so you are fully equipped to be reactive and optimize a campaign in real-time.

Remember, attitudinal measurement can be used in conjunction with other measurement solutions. For example, if you’re already investing in audience measurement, the addition of attitudinal measurement can complement your strategy to more effectively reach your campaign goals. 


Use Attitudinal Measurement for Your Next Campaign

As the measurement industry continues to evolve, this is an introduction to a larger conversation about the vastness of the industry and how many of the measurement solutions can be complementary. More so, how a brand’s total measurement strategy should have a holistic approach that incorporates complementary measurement solutions. Including Lucid Impact Measurement to understand the attitudes of your audience is just the beginning. Click here to learn more about Lucid’s cross-platform measurement offerings.


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