Hurricane Sandy Causes Huge Decrease in Online Sampling

Nov 6, 2012 | Uncategorized

By Patrick Comer

Even a week later, many people are without basic necessities:  food, water, shelter, & power.  Having been through several hurricanes myself I can commiserate with the personal as well as the business challenges happening across the Northeast.  Our hearts and prayers go out to everyone.


On the Fulcrum platform, we saw an immediate impact to the overall number of respondents attempting surveys so we decided to take a closer look into the affected areas.  Here’s daily traffic analysis from Google Analytics of 191,098 respondents over 17 days from NY, NJ, and CT.  You can see that the daily baseline is fairly consistent with an immediate drop on October 30th.



New York -38%

New Jersey -68%

Connecticut -34%


I wanted to dig deeper to see if other areas were affected other than Hoboken, Staten Island, and many areas of NJ that were constantly on TV.  Looking at the next day decreases among major NY cities, why didn’t we hear stories from White Plains and Ithaca?



The devastation in New Jersey is easily seen by the change in the map from Oct 29th to the 30th.  Almost no survey takers from the coast on the day after the storm.



In looking at the sample decreases the day after vs a week after the storm, we see a number of NJ cities that are still slow (Hawthorne, Metuchen, Newark, Lakewood, & Wayne). Hoboken has also yet to recover but didn’t have the large day after drop that other cities had.



We will continue to look at the online sampling recovery rates in the wake of Hurricane Sandy.  Don’t be surprised if some of your geo-targeted quotas are hard to fill, even now, from the NE region and DMAs in NJ/NY/CT.

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