Introducing Pulley: Making Programmatic Work for Everyone

Dec 23, 2016 | Monetization

Over the past couple of years, programmatic sampling has catapulted its way into the sample industry. It now accounts for 94 percent of all transactions sold on the Fulcrum Exchange. API-integrated sample suppliers have gained speed and efficiency, and maximized revenue, by using technology to automate what was previously a manual process.

With the increasing prevalence of API-driven delivery, sample suppliers must adopt a programmatic approach in order to remain competitive in today’s marketplace.

Introducing Pulley: An Exciting New Integration Offering for Sample Suppliers

Lucid’s focus has long been to build a strong, healthy ecosystem where everyone wins. We understand that for some suppliers, it might not make sense to develop a custom integration with our Supply API. Not all sample suppliers have software development resources on hand – a requirement for an effective API integration.

That got us thinking about the possibility of a hybrid solution, one that takes an API-based, programmatic approach but is accessible to all of our partners.

Pulley, our newest integration offering, does just that. With Pulley, sample suppliers gain the benefits of programmatic delivery through an out-of-the-box solution that is fast and easy to implement. Pulley employs a proprietary algorithm that combines the efficiency of the API with the ease of the router. Here are some key benefits that Pulley offers:

1. Smart and Efficient Delivery

When sample suppliers use Pulley to integrate with Fulcrum, their respondents are matched to surveys that receive the highest ranking based on Pulley’s proprietary algorithm. Pulley uses real-time survey performance data to ensure that high earnings-per-click (EPC) surveys receive the most traffic, resulting in smart and efficient delivery.

If a respondent does not qualify for or complete the first survey they reach, Pulley continues to find available, high value surveys the respondent may qualify for. Pulley maximizes the return on each individual respondent.

2. Simple Setup

Setting up Pulley is simple. To get started, all suppliers need to do is provide the Fulcrum team with their supplier name and complete & term redirects, and they take it from there to get everything configured and ready to go.

On Pulley entry links, suppliers include specific respondent and geographic information. They also have the option to include Fulcrum standard qualifications for enhanced targeting. They can set preferences around survey opportunities by including the following in their entry link:

  • Maximum allowed survey LOI
  • Minimum CPI required for a respondent to take a survey
  • Targeted survey ID

3. Fast Implementation

We designed Pulley so that it can be implemented fast. In most cases, it takes one developer just one day to have Pulley up and running.

Improving Sample for All

Pulley extends the benefits of API-driven, programmatic delivery to more suppliers in the marketplace.

For sample suppliers who have the time and resources, a custom API integration may still be the best option. A custom integration provides speed, efficiency, and higher earnings per click (EPCs) combined with full control and insight into sample delivery and strategy. However, for many others, Pulley offers efficiency gains and increased revenue similar to an API integration, with a fast setup and launch.

This added accessibility to programmatic delivery benefits buyers, respondents, and the sample ecosystem as a whole. Everyone wins.

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