Introducing the Women of Lucid

Oct 11, 2016 | Featured

Lucid has been buzzing about gender equality, and specifically women in technology. According to Forbes, only 25 percent of IT-related jobs are held by women. We know there’s a gender equality gap in the industry, and we’re actively discussing our responsibility as a tech company to address it.

So, this week we’re featuring the Women of Lucid. This series will include ten powerful and successful women who are dedicated to technology – be it client support, computer programming, operations or leadership. We’re interviewing the women of Lucid to find out exactly what it means to be a woman in tech. Stay tuned for this blog series; it’s not to be missed.

Women represent 37% of the Lucid workforce globally. And this year, six of our eight summer interns were women. Lucid participates in and acts upon ongoing discussions for a female-friendly workplace, surrounding topics like maternity leave and flexibility for working mothers. Another medium through which we support the ladies of Lucid is our “Women in Tech” Slack channel. On it, we frequently circulate articles regarding gender in the workplace (If you can believe it, many Lucid women have been called “bossy” before). And last week, we sent some of our female staff members to Dreamforce, where they were inspired by the many sessions dedicated to Women in Technology.
Infographic: The State of Women in Tech | Statista

This month, Lucid is sponsoring a workshop in our New Orleans location to teach women how to code an HTML web page and style it with CSS. You can register for this two-part HTML/CSS workshops series by New Orleans WIT on October 18th and October 25th and learn more here.

The Women of Lucid Blog Series

Wednesday, October 12
Jessica Inman, director, Federated Sample
Laura Manning, senior project manager, Proof
Kate MacDermott, manager, Fulcrum
Sarah Clarke, project manager, Federated Sample
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Thursday, October 13
Hannah Udell, tech analyst, Fulcrum
Lauren Gulkus, tech analyst, Fulcrum
Sarah Margaret Hardie, team lead, PMO
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Friday, October 14
Michelle Huck, executive director, Controller
Liz Fortier, vice president, General Counsel
Emel Mohammadally, executive director, Business Development
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