Lucid and Savanta Win Best Data Solution at Market Research Society (MRS) Operations Awards 2021

Sep 29, 2021 | Press, Marketplace

 The Lucid team is thrilled that our work with Savanta has won Best Data Solution alongside our partners at Savanta, at the 2021 Market Research Society (MRS) Operations Awards. The award was based on the development of AutoSample — a tool designed to automate the daily manual sampling activity needed to support Savanta’s BrandVue platform.

Lucid and Savanta collaborated to build AutoSample, and it has fundamentally changed the way in which the Operations team works and improved the efficiency fivefold for Savanta’s BrandVue tracker. Before AutoSample, three operations consultants supported fieldwork for the BrandVue tracker. 

The manual matching work was extraordinarily repetitive and took time away from the consultants who could be providing more value to the business in other ways. Now that daily manual sampling activity needed to support the 15 continuously running BrandVue surveys (which require over 850,000 completes per year, matched to a quota profile on a daily basis) is automated. 

The technical implementation includes deep integration with the Lucid Demand API to automatically create and update sampling plans, and fine-grained multi-quota targeting logic. The key benefits upon implementing this functionality include:

  • Financial savings
  • Improved efficiency
  • Enhanced experience
  • Technological benefits

What the MRS judges said about the solution: “Savanta and Lucid’s AutoSample solution, to automate the daily sampling activity needed to support the BrandVue monitoring platform, is an elegant data solution which delivers improved efficiency, data quality, completion rates and cost-effectiveness. The strong metrics and excellent verbatims highlighted the success and value of the technological solution in enhancing BrandVue as a leader in brand tracking. An innovative and well-designed data solution which is a worthy award winner.”

To learn more about Lucid APIs, visit this blog post here


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