Lucid Australia Spotlight: ISO Certification and Strong YoY Growth in ANZ

Jun 8, 2020 | Uncategorized

Reaching ISO 20252 Certification Milestone

In a significant step toward global ISO compliance, Lucid has received its ISO 20252 accreditation in Australia. ISO 20252 is a quality management requirement for organizations conducting market, opinion, and social research.

As leaders and disruptors in the online sampling space, Lucid has always placed quality as one of the most important features of our Marketplace. In 2019, our Lucid Quality Program continued its global expansion into Australia. The only one of its kind, this program evaluates suppliers on the three most important aspects of sample supply – response quality, accepted completes, and consistency. 

Now, with our ISO 20252 certification, as recognized by ISO Experts, Lucid can further ensure that we practice the proper data management and processing protocols. Our customers know that Lucid is focused on delivering quality service and management of their data – now we have the certification to embody that commitment. 

Continued Growth in ANZ 

Quality, proven data, and strong sampling practices are vital to Lucid’s continued growth, both in ANZ and beyond. 

And the quality of our data is evident – since the opening of Lucid’s Sydney office, we have consistently expanded our presence in ANZ. Our first year saw a 40% YoY growth with an average of more than 100K completed interviews per month in the region. We attribute this success to our powerful Marketplace product and incredible team of experts. 

Today, our team consists of specific expertise across all business operations and focuses. Lucid’s focus in ANZ, and across the world, is ensuring the trust, safety and security of our Marketplace. Each of our actions can be pointed towards strengthening our partners and the connected ecosystem. 

A Sample Provider You Can Trust

We know that in order to make the proper decisions for your business or organization, you must rely on data that you can trust. Contact our team to learn more about Lucid’s sample solutions in ANZ. 

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