Lucid Celebrates 1 Year Anniversary of Democracy Fund + UCLA Nationscape Survey Project

Sep 8, 2020 | Marketplace

Nearly 500,000 interviews conducted

The 2020 election cycle is pivotal to the nation’s progression. Now, more than ever, accurately capturing the sentiment, opinions, and views of Americans is of utmost importance, which is why Lucid, the leading programmatic research technology platform, is excited to announce the celebration of the one year anniversary of its Democracy Fund + UCLA Nationscape study. The Lucid platform fields this research project – one of the largest public opinion surveys of record – working closely with UCLA researchers to execute results on an ongoing basis. 

The survey provides a comprehensive view of the American electorate. Powered by Lucid, UCLA and Democracy Fund researchers have conducted more than 300,000 interviews to date in nearly every county, congressional district, and mid-sized U.S. city over the past 12 months to shed light on attitudes, issues, and sentiments of the American democracy in the lead-up to the pivotal 2020 election. Nationscape will reach 500,000 interviews leading up to the November election. 

Partnership with UCLA + Democracy Fund

“I have wanted to run a large-scale election study for years — one that would truly allow for geographic comparisons across local levels like states or even counties,” said Lynn Vavreck, UCLA political scientist. “With Lucid’s unique capabilities on scale and price, we were able to put together a research design that will track American opinion in this unprecedented time over more than a year and across the entire nation. We have completed more than 300,000 interviews already and have put all our data into the public domain. This project is breaking new ground on multiple fronts and we couldn’t have done it without Lucid.”

 Through the partnership, Lucid focuses on its specialty of rapid, and accurate, respondent procurement while the UCLA and the Democracy Fund teams handle research design, methodology, insight gathering and analytics. 

A history of reliable election-cycle polling

Prior to the Nationscape project, Lucid conducted a political poll during the 2016 election cycle. The poll garnered praise from accredited academic and political publications, with FiveThirtyEight citing Lucid as one of the most reliable online pollsters from that cycle year. 

“At Lucid, we take pride in our ability to offer real-time insights and analytics at scale through our programmatic research technology platform,” said Patrick Comer, Founder and CEO, Lucid. “Not only did we develop one of the world’s largest centralized sample sources, but we are now a well-respected research technology source in both the academic and political polling sectors. We thank Nationscape for helping us reach that recognition, and we look forward to helping them reach their data analysis goals in future projects.”

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