Lucid is Working Toward a More Equitable Future

Jun 19, 2020 | Uncategorized

People are hurting. 

The past three months may have been the toughest any of us have ever seen – and yet, the recent killings of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, and countless others are a stark and urgent reminder that many in our country are hurting. Many are justifiably feeling a sense of anger, grief, and confusion as a result of these abhorrent acts and the ongoing presence of systemic racism.

In our hometown of New Orleans, throughout the US, and across the globe, we are experiencing a vital moment in history. As citizens, and as an organization, we must find ways to be agents of racial justice – a justice we must commit to not just today, next month, or next year, but for our lifetimes.

Today, Juneteenth, commemorates the final emancipation of slaves in the United States. As we observe this day, Lucid would like to share the following steps we are taking to enact change within our organization and the community:

Internal and external support for racial equity 

On June 3, 2020 we stated that we stand with the Black community and reject racism in any form and are committed to making our stance on these issues known in words and actions.

Lucid also held an internal company town hall meeting to hold space for the emotional reactions many were having and openly ideate on our company’s plan for taking action. We are supporting smaller opt-in forums where employees can directly contribute to our strategies and efforts moving forward.

Donation to organizations that support racial justice

As part of our commitment to the Black Lives Matter movement, Lucid will match our employees’ donations to organizations that aim to enrich Black lives and bring an end to racial injustice. In addition, we have created an annual Community Partners Fund to support the ongoing efforts of our community partners – many of which are geared towards diversity, equity and inclusion. 

Investment in Lucid’s hiring and DEI practices

Like many organizations, Lucid has taken this time to reflect on current practices and recognized that we must invest more – both financially and personally – into improving our hiring practices and DEI (Diversity, Equity and Inclusion) efforts. To reduce bias in our hiring practices, we have invested in behavioral interview training and began a local diversity recruiting partnership.  Additionally, we’re investing in a more robust, mandatory DEI training program including unconscious bias, as well as supporting the formation of new affinity groups for our colleagues of color.

Deeper Community Partnerships

Lucid will focus on and strengthen our partnership efforts within the New Orleans community, as we feel this is where we can make the greatest impact. We have many ongoing community partner initiatives, including Youthforce NOLA Summer interns, New Orleans Posse Foundation’s virtual resume coaching, and sponsorship and participation in this year’s Black Tech NOLA event.

In the long term, Lucid will provide in-kind donations by offering our services and platform to community partners. We will also continue providing a paid service day to all Lucid employees to encourage their involvement in the community.

These actions are not the solution to our problems, but a step in the journey towards a more equitable world. We welcome your thoughts on ways Lucid – or any organization – can continue to work toward a more racially just world.

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