Lucid Product Release Roundup: 2020 Highlights

Focusing on Our Core Product Values

As 2020 comes to an end, we’re taking a moment to look back on everything we’ve accomplished this year. Our vision for Lucid and the Research Technology (ResTech) industry has been to democratize research by making insights more accessible, efficient, and affordable. And, as we become a true software solution and a leader in ResTech, much of our product development is aimed at making research easier, safer, and more transparent for customers. To that end, we’re feeling pretty proud of our 2020 product releases. 

Our primary focus has been Lucid’s core product values: speed, transparency, and quality; and this year, our products, features, and enhancements continue to reflect that focus – from the monumental improvements to our Reach feasibility tool, the release of our Survey Reporting page for Marketplace buyers, the launch of Impact Measurement (our real-time brand lift and media measurement software) for our media measurement buyers, and the release of our next generation supply API, On-Time-Supply (OTS) for our Marketplace supply partners. So, to celebrate these wins – big and small – we’d like to highlight the 2020 releases that have impacted our customers in a meaningful way.  


Lucid Release Highlights

Reach is Lucid’s feasibility and price estimation feature that enables every Lucid Marketplace user to understand the future success of their study – guiding them to completion on time and within budget. In 2020, we did several model updates to improve accuracy and reflect the latest state of the market. With those updates, we added 80 new countries and increased usage by 3x!

Creating a survey and setting a CPI


Lucid’s Next Generation Supply API, On-Time-Supply (OTS), arms our Marketplace Suppliers with the survey and respondent data they need, when they need it, which is key to the success of the Lucid Marketplace. This year, Lucid introduced our OTS API, providing suppliers with the ability to act on survey opportunities and respondent data more quickly. By removing caching and delivering proactive information to suppliers, it reduces resource usage on both sides, allows suppliers to more quickly react to information like quota filling, as well as manage respondent quality problems in close to real-time.

OTS opportunities and updates are available immediately and consistently every 15 seconds, as opposed to the Classic API, which refreshes opportunities every three minutes with highly variable performance.

Code for the OTS APICode for the original API


Our Survey Reporting (Analysis) page helps users quickly gauge the progress of fulfilling a survey through relevant metrics and reports. The Analysis section includes a number of components that report survey health, progress, and potential filling issues. The Financial section includes data about the financial status of an entire survey. Since its release, we’ve found that survey reporting decreases our customers’ time-to-understanding for their surveys by ~15%.

Sampling Survey results and metrics


In response to the challenges our customers face to get actionable brand lift insights through a digital advertising campaign, Lucid released Impact Measurement. Impact Measurement is powered by a direct connection to the Lucid Marketplace and gathers insights from people who have been exposed to an advertising campaign. Marketers can monitor daily survey results and proprietary brand lift metrics, across a range of standardized brand KPIs, in an always-on dashboard. The results enable marketers to understand a campaign’s success and optimize media performance while the campaign is in-flight.

Impact Measurement has measured 129 campaigns, with a total of 287,211 survey-completes, and more than 4,502,995,847 impressions. 

Impact measurement - view filters for placements and campaigns

Impact measurement - view filters for placements and campaigns Bar graph - exploring data by channel (desktop vs. mobile)


Our new Simple Survey Management (SSM) workflow is currently in beta and is available for use in the Marketplace. This new survey creation workflow enables more efficient and intuitive setup, launch, and management for simpler research.

Survey settings and entrant/conversion data


We also revamped our Status Page, which keeps users informed about Lucid’s service availability and uptime.


The Cost Summary Statement option enables users to create a customized statement about the financial costs from their surveys in Marketplace.

Survey sampling billing statement


Survey Protection Measures

Lucid’s newest Survey Protection measures ensure that our customers’ surveys are protected from invalid traffic, such as botnets, click farms, or inauthentic respondents. 

Invalid Traffic Check tracks and identifies invalid traffic (also known as fraudulent activity), such as botnets and click farms, on surveys; this will check for any potential fraudulent respondents in real time. 

Geo IP Check validates that the IP address of a respondent matches the country-language of the survey they are attempting, which will prohibit respondents from taking surveys that are not targeted to their location. This can also help to provide a better experience for respondents and reduce reconciliations. Since its release, we have termed over 1.7M sessions with invalid locales. 

With our Respondent Deny List, respondents who do not pass proprietary, historical, quality checks will be blocked from entering the Marketplace and added to the Deny List. We have added over 450,000 respondents to the deny list. 


Key Partnerships and Integrations

In addition to product releases, Lucid is committed to continuously partnering with key industry platforms to provide a holistic measurement solution to our customers. This year, we completed partnerships and integrations with the following: 

Samba TV: Partnered with Samba TV to combine Samba TV’s viewership data and Lucid’s measurement capabilities to unlock brand lift measurement on Linear TV. Supported for Data Score and custom measurement use cases. 

Tapad: Partnered with Tapad, a global leader in privacy-safe digital cross-device identity resolution, to enable Lucid customers to uncover additional quality respondents through Tapad’s extended reach to mobile ad IDs (MAIDs). Significantly increased MAIDs pool resulting in improved measurement capabilities on in-app campaigns. 

Amazon Advertising: Completed a server-to-server integration with one of the largest media buying platforms, Amazon Advertising. Customers can maximize brand lift measurement across premium and extensive Amazon content through Lucid’s cookie-free tracking integration. This integration is available for Data Score and custom measurement use cases. 

Lucid also completed an integration with a large global CRM to seamlessly ingest third-party syndicated segments from their third-party marketplace, as well as mutual customer first-party or custom segments. This integration is available for Data Score and custom measurement use cases. 


2020 Growth Metrics

Despite all odds, 2020 turned out to be a stellar year for Lucid. The effort we’ve put toward optimizing our offerings has coincided with some strong Marketplace metrics. 

Since the launch of our platform, 437M verified respondents have been surveyed, we’ve partnered with more than 260 sample suppliers, and 135B questions have been answered. 

This year alone, 73.8M verified respondents were surveyed, and 49B questions were answered on the Lucid platform. Seeing this continued growth and momentum in our Marketplace makes us feel proud, invigorated, and excited to see what the next year will bring. 

For more information on these releases and how you can use them to improve your workflow in the upcoming year, contact us or reach out to your Lucid representative. See you in 2021!

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