Lucid Product Release Roundup: 2021 Highlights

Mika Cucullo, Director, Product Marketing

Kati Patrone, Director, Product Marketing

Building the Products You Want

In 2021, Lucid’s product releases were laser-focused on your needs. Our goal has been to make insights solutions more accessible and functional for you, our customer. We introduced robust new offerings across our product suite to improve usability, increase functionality, and enhance quality.

Let’s dive into the year’s biggest product releases and how they benefit you. 


Lucid 2021 Product Release Highlights


Updates to Reach Feasibility Tool

Marketplace Buyers

Reach 2.0 is a tool in the Lucid Marketplace that uses AI and machine learning to help you measure the feasibility of a study before launching it. Simply add details about your survey into Reach to ensure that you can get the answers you need from the audience you’re targeting, on time and within budget.

New Reach 2.0 features include:

  • Dynamic, real-time feasibility suggestions based on a few simple survey details
  • Visual representation of the whole survey prediction including individual qualifications
  • Automated pricing suggestions to support the required respondents 
  • New audience templates, including parents, HR decision-makers, IT decision-makers, and minors (contacted through parents)
  • Flexible ranges for possible completes and prices


New Marketplace Feature: Fielding Assistant

Marketplace Buyers

Fielding Assistant monitors and adjusts surveys in real time to ensure projects will complete on time and budget, with no manual intervention. As soon as your survey wraps up, Fielding Assistant sends an email to notify you. 

Fielding Assistant Benefits include:

Save time spent manually monitoring and adjusting surveys and focus on other important projects.

Fielding Assistant dynamically adjusts the cost per interview (CPI) as the survey is filled to make sure that it completes on time and on budget.

No matter your experience level, you can benefit from Fielding Assistant’s use of machine learning and AI to optimize the survey as it’s live.

Improved Marketplace Survey Protection Measures

Marketplace Buyers, Marketplace Suppliers, Media Measurement Customers

Lucid Survey Protection continued to advance proactive protection of the Marketplace from invalid traffic, such as botnets, click farms or inauthentic respondents.

This year we tightened the threshold of our Invalid Traffic Check which seeks to identify potentially fraudulent activity. In 2021, we prevented approximately 27M suspicious sessions.


Improving Supplier Integrations with On-time Supply (OTS) API 

Marketplace Suppliers

Operating quickly and with confidence in the Marketplace is important for you to maximize performance of your audience. OTS, Lucid’s next-generation supply API, sends you only the most relevant data and packages it, allowing you to use the data more efficiently. With OTS, many suppliers are seeing a 2-3% increase in conversion rates.

OTS produces greater speed and throughput in the Marketplace. Now that OTS only requires one API call, you can scale the number of surveys you are running, increasing your potential returns.


Increased Opportunities for Recontact Studies

Marketplace Suppliers

Researchers often need to ask follow-up questions to survey respondents to get a deeper understanding of their attitudes and behaviors. Recontact studies offer your community the option to participate in high-value, more targeted opportunities. Whether you use Supply Link or OTS API, access to recontact studies is now easier. Recontact studies command comparatively higher levels of respondent engagement based on CPI and conversion rates. This year, the CPI and conversion rate averages are $2.27, 48% respectively.

If you’re a buyer, running recontact studies is now much easier for you in the Marketplace. When you use the survey creation workflow, and select “Recontact Survey” for the Target Audience, the study type, and allocations template now get automatically applied.


Major Updates to Lucid Impact Measurement

Media Measurement Customers

In June 2020, Lucid released Lucid Impact Measurement in response to the challenges you face with getting actionable brand lift insights during a digital advertising campaign. Impact Measurement can help you optimize media by informing sites, placements, and creative decisions based on proprietary brand lift metrics for your brand KPIs. This year, we introduced new features and enhancements to offer additional value to you.

Target Audience filter: The Target Audience filter allows you to see brand lift insights for your campaign’s most important audience(s) in one click or by default so you can make more informed optimization decisions. 


Added functionality and UI enhancements: UI upgrades to make it more intuitive, easy to use, and provide a deeper understanding of what drives brand lift. In 2021, we introduced: 

  • A new overview page

→ All-KPI view to see performance side-by-side

→ Summarized lift charts for age and gender

  • Updated UX on KPI pages

→ Enhanced charts and graphs

  • Automatic insights 

→ by KPI, media, and audience tactic

  • Support for grid questions

This year, Impact Measurement has measured 894 campaigns, with a total of 1,911,399 survey-completes, and more than 20,163,533,607 impressions. 



Strategic Initiatives to Future-Proof Media Measurement

Media Measurement Customers

Lucid is committed to partnering with key industry platforms to provide holistic, future-proofed, measurement solutions.

By 2023, tracking for measurement will be more complex due to the sweeping changes in the industry. We know that your top priority is to continue reaching your consumers in meaningful ways and measuring the impact, so Lucid is committed to working with industry partners to develop and adopt new solutions and frameworks. We are:   

  • Supporting and adopting universal ID solutions. 
  • Evolving our identity graph to have a more complete view of consumers, including partnering with Tapad. 
  • Adding more s2s integrations to uniquely match data with key partners.
  • Leveraging integrations with DMPs from key companies such as Salesforce, LiveRamp, Neustar, and Lotame. 
  • Open to adding new partner integrations with specific data points based on your measurement needs.


Featured Media Measurement Partnership The partnership combines iSpot’s viewership data and Lucid’s measurement capabilities to further unlock brand lift measurement on Linear TV. This partnership allows you to more effectively measure your Linear TV buys to get a cross-platform view of how your marketing is performing.


Paving the Way for 2022

Next year, get ready for TV Impact Measurement. Lucid has partnered with industry TV data providers to offer scalable, timely, and granular cross-screen brand lift insights, across digital and Linear TV, to help you understand performance and inform your in-flight or post-flight campaign optimizations.

We also have big plans to make our Marketplace product even more robust. With every update in 2022, Lucid will continue building momentum, creating products and features that delight you and meet your business needs.  

For more information on our 2021 product releases and how you can use them to improve your workflow in the upcoming year, visit our website or reach out to your Lucid representative. See you in 2022!

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