Lucid Releases Real-time Brand Lift Measurement Product

Jun 24, 2020 | Media Measurement

Lucid has released Impact Measurement Dashboard, a real-time insights and analytics product for brand lift measurement. Lucid customers can now use Impact Measurement Dashboard’s self-service features to measure brand lift and optimize media performance for digital campaigns.

With an API-first development approach, Impact Measurement Dashboard uses a proprietary survey-based methodology to get responses from real people. The always-on dashboard displays daily survey results and Lucid-generated brand lift metrics across a range of KPIs – delivering reporting cut by site, tactic, placement, and creative.

“Lucid saw a need in the ecosystem for a brand lift product that is actionable, API driven, and cost effective. Impact Measurement Dashboard provides a brand lift solution that really scales,” said Lindsay Fordham, Lucid Senior Director, Audience Products.

Backed by the scale and speed of the Lucid Marketplace, the Impact Measurement Dashboard enables customers to survey consumers who have been exposed to an advertising campaign and uses their responses to measure the campaign’s success. Lucid tracks the campaign and matches the impression data against our global platform to identify respondents who have been exposed to the ad. Exposed respondents are surveyed via the Lucid Marketplace – and their responses are measured against the customer’s KPIs.

“The design and functionality of Impact Measurement Dashboard make this product a powerful asset for marketers,” said Brett Schnittlich, Lucid President. “I’m excited to see how it improves the way brand lift studies are executed.”


Using the IMpact Measurement software to sort sample data by placement , performance, and ranking

Bar Graph - Exploring sample data by placement

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