Lucid Supplier Quality Scores: Q1 2018 Results

Apr 24, 2018 | Marketplace, Quality, Monetization

By: Courtney Williams, Executive Director, Quality

International Expansion
It’s official: The Lucid Supplier Quality Program has crossed the pond. For the first time, Lucid is releasing scores from both US and UK suppliers, and we are on track to continue expanding internationally.

With the help of participating European suppliers, the Supplier Quality Program is able to track and report a broader scope of data quality than ever before. As Lucid gains a more comprehensive view of international supplier quality scores, we can use these insights to strengthen sample quality across the globe.

View the latest scores here.

Commitment to Security
Lucid’s dedication to data quality is ongoing, particularly with our efforts on the security front. Survey platforms have begun implementing our Secure Callback solution to eliminate link manipulation. We’ve seen a drastic reduction in fraud in our initial tests and will continue to work with survey hosting platforms to roll this out across the industry.

Our Fielding Process
The beta fielding process was extremely successful with our UK suppliers, and we’re confident that our program will be increasingly effective as we launch into new markets. We have successfully completed beta fielding in Germany, and you can look forward to seeing the German supplier scores in Q2.

Scoring Criteria
Supplier scores were measured by the following criteria:

  1. QScore: A “grade” based on traditional quality measures of survey responses (e.g. time spent, attention to detail, open-end quality)
  2. Acceptance: Illustrates how far away a given supplier is from the average of all completes ultimately accepted by buyers calculated at the project level
  3. Consistency: Represents sample composition consistency of a given supplier over time

As promised, now that we have fully implemented the new program methodology, we have reintroduced the Consistency Score.

You may notice the Acceptance Score looks a bit different with this release. This is an effort to reduce confusion between the quality program acceptance score with the overall exchange acceptance score. These metrics are not comparable, so we have transitioned the Acceptance Score to be represented by its base Z Score.

The calculation and measurement is exactly the same, however the range will no longer be indicated by a percentage. As always, the Acceptance Score is a measure illustrating how far away a given supplier is from the average of all completes ultimately accepted by buyers calculated at the project level.

GDPR Compliance
Supplier self-reported GDPR compliance statuses are also updated for Q1. Many suppliers, as well as Lucid, are in the “Actively Pursuing Compliance” stage, and we’re excited to continue tracking the progress we collectively work toward the May 25, 2018 compliance date. For more details on Lucid’s efforts on GDPR, you can read our latest blog post.

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