Fulcrum: Four Years and Counting

Mar 11, 2014 | Marketplace

By Patrick Comer

It is amazing to realize that four years ago today, Federated Sample launched with a focus on bringing automation and transparency to the sample supply chain in the market research industry. I started the company working out of my garage in Luling, Louisiana, with nothing more than a vision and my past experience in research. Today, we are a global company based in New Orleans, with more than 50 employees and an industry changing exchange platform that has facilitated over 15 million survey completions to date and most importantly, sample is becoming an industry all to itself.

Over the past few years, New Orleans has become a true technology hub, and we are fortunate to be able to foster and support this entrepreneurial growth. When I moved to New Orleans in 2008, there were few startups or technology opportunities – part of the reason I started FED – I wanted to join a high-growth company, so I had to start one. Now, with the combined efforts from Launchpad, Idea village, GNO inc, LED, Propeller and others, our community is a destination for those hungry to grow startups and entrepreneurs.

We are so thankful to the New Orleans community and our clients globally for all of the support and encouragement thus far.  I’m personally grateful for all those that have gone out of their way to make Federated Sample a reality and most especially to family, friends, and our entire FED team.  Our company is growing because of your passion and dedication to the vision.


Thank you,


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