Paving the Way for the Future: Lucid State 2019 Recap

“We want to do something BIG.”

The purpose of what Lucid is doing isn’t just to make money (although money is nice). Our mission is to bridge the divide between global questions and human answers – to provide real impact.

In the way that Google collects all the world’s known information, we want to discover the unknown information. To achieve this, there must be a fundamental shift in the way global questions and answers are connected.

How will we ignite this change? Technology.

Programmatic technology has transformed the industry as we know it – but why stop there? Think of the possibilities it offers us. Because of technology, we’ve been able to run millions upon millions of surveys. Sure, that’s incredibly valuable for research, but that data also allows us to identify trends within the surveys themselves. One particular trend is “Comer’s Law,” which was observed by studying survey data. Analyzing this data, we’ve found that the price and length of surveys may be directly correlated to quality.

Another piece of information that’s emerged from our programmatic connections is the types of partners Lucid has. Previously, we knew that our clients and partners were from nearly every industry. Now, thanks to our technology, we’ve gathered enough information to categorize them into six distinct “generations.”

It’s time to empower the insights ecosystem.

Recognizing the different characteristics and motivations of our partners will empower Lucid and other companies in the ecosystem to dive into new streams of revenue. As we’re no longer limited to the same networks we’ve historically used, we’ll be able to pave the road to discovering the world’s unknown information. Lucid is already connecting global questions and human answers – and we’re ready for the rest of the world to join us in creating real impact.

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