Podcast Ad Measurement is Easier than You Think

Jul 30, 2019 | Media Measurement

Why Advertise on Podcasts?

Podcasts are rapidly increasing in popularity, with one in five Americans (57+ million) streaming or downloading every month. This boom means that listeners can tune into any topic, from the history of reggae to world news to SAT prep. In turn, podcasts are great for reaching varied (and niche) advertising targets. 

Unlike radio and TV, podcasts are highly engaging channels for advertising. Listeners are less likely to skip through ads for fear of missing the show. Furthermore, podcast listeners tend to be a highly engaged group – people are much less likely to turn on a podcast for background noise, as they might with TV or radio. This means that podcast listeners are more likely to pay attention to (and remember) the ads they hear on a podcast. 

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Bar graph - user concentration on various advertising channels

Image from IAB 2019 Digital Audio Buyer’s Guide – 2.0

Who listens to Podcasts?

While podcasting is gaining traction across all age groups, it is particularly growing in popularity among younger age groups – in fact, podcasts allow advertisers to more easily get in front of those hard-to-reach Millennial and Gen Z demographic targets. According to Westwood One’s 2019 Audioscape Report, the average age of podcast listeners is 35. This is significantly younger than the median age of AM/FM radio listeners (46) and ABC/CBS/NBC television viewers (56). 

This high rate of young listeners may be attributed to the narrative style of podcasts, which allows them to develop a more intimate relationship with the program. Those who tune in are often much more attentive and engaged than your typical digital media audiences. 

How do you advertise on a Podcast? 

There are essentially two types of podcast advertising:

  1. Baked-in aka “Host-Read” Ads: These are live-endorsed ads read by the host that feature an advertisement as part of the podcast content. Currently, Host-Read ads are not trackable, as they are not dynamically inserted ads.
  2. Dynamic Ads: These are pre-recorded ads that are served through an ad-server and generally trackable. Dynamic ads are inserted into content on-demand, offering both hosts and publishers the ability to repeatedly change the ads in the same episode.  

How Does Lucid Allow for Podcast Ad Measurement?

Regardless of whether ads are Baked-in or Dynamic, podcast platforms are cookieless, mobile ad IDless, and custom reportless. This means that tracking is difficult, and not doable for most measurement partners. However, our unique capabilities allow for measurement via the custom variables in the Lucid pixel. This enables us to match podcast exposures back to respondents in the Lucid Marketplace. Since Lucid is the largest market for online sample out there, we’ve had 100% success at hitting our podcast sample goals.

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What’s Lucid’s Success to Date?

Lucid has been tracking/measuring podcasts since early 2018. Our measurement has provided clients with insights into podcast advertising that they’ve never been able to receive before. Lucid is currently approved to measure on over 20 podcast platforms and counting.

How Do I Add Podcasts into My Measurement?

If your podcast platform(s) are not yet on the approved partners list, connect them with Lucid and we’ll work with them to find a measurement solution!

Once your podcast partner(s) are approved, we recommend adding Opportunity to Hear (OTH) questions to your survey in order to best gauge ad effectiveness. These questions confirm that the respondent remembers the advertisement and ensures valuable survey responses. Lucid’s Audience team can work with you to craft the perfect questions for each unique campaign. 

Lucid can seamlessly incorporate podcast tracking into the larger digital campaign measurement. We not only collect survey data, but we can also tell you exactly where and when each respondent was exposed to a piece of the campaign, whether podcast or otherwise. 

Contact our Audience team for more information on Lucid’s media measurement solutions for podcasts. 

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