Proof by Lucid: New AdTech Provides Real-Time Digital Media Measurement

Nov 18, 2015 | Media Measurement, Press

NEW ORLEANS, Nov. 18, 2015 – Lucid, the software company delivering the power of human answers on a massive scale, has launched a digital marketing measurement tool. ProProof uses Lucid’s access to consumer data – a pool of over 50 million respondents – to create unprecedented visibility into audiences reached and impact created by media campaigns. Proof unifies measurement of audience exposure and reaction across mobile and non-mobile platforms.

With Proof by Lucid, media buyers, brands, analysts, and researchers gain a clear and specific picture of audience and campaign impact. Proof delivers results for most media formats, including rich media, branded content, native, video, and more, and is third-party certified to access platforms such as YouTube. Real-time insight and agile marketing optimization are enabled through platform data that is refreshed every ten seconds.

Lucid’s consumer data platform is entirely anonymous aggregated information fueled exclusively from participating members of Lucid’s Fulcrum Exchange. While multiple data points, including deep demographics and purchase intent and behavior, can now be associated to one consumer profile across devices and platforms, there is no PII (personally identifiable information) recognized or stored.

Proof launches with an A-list pilot client base including Razorfish, which has already enabled Proof on over twenty brand campaigns. Lucid has also struck a long-term Proof partnership with GfK, one of the world’s largest research companies, helping to power the company’s ad effectiveness capabilities and greatly enabling in-app mobile measurement.

Three products comprise the Proof product suite:

  • Proof Audience – Proof Audience is the ultimate tool for campaign optimization, providing, in real time, a clear picture of the actual people viewing a campaign. Instead of guessing at a target consumer, media buyers know immediately whom they are reaching. On demand, Audience allows advertisers to continuously optimize campaigns in-flight across multiple demographics.
  • Proof Effectiveness – While Audience enables advertisers to clearly see who’s viewing/interacting with campaigns, Effectiveness allows advertisers to directly survey consumers who have viewed a particular campaign and measure against a control set of those who have not, providing true insight of campaign impact and brand lift across multiple platforms. Effectiveness is a direct path to the voice of the audience.
  • Proof Sample – Proof Sample enables market research firms to understand who in a survey base has been exposed to a specific campaign and who has not. Ad effectiveness services become much faster, more accurate, and more powerful through the identification of exposed sample. Clients can either add exposure data to existing trackers or expand their pool of potential respondents.

“We are proud to be working with our agency clients, both advertising and research, to build the next-gen ad effectiveness engine, and also with our supplier partners in the Fulcrum exchange to create world-class respondent experiences that are mobile-enabled,” said Lucid CEO Patrick B. Comer. “Not only does Proof dramatically expand the opportunities of audience visibility, it maintains the data integrity of the audience itself: a triple win for the respondents, panels, and agencies that rely on our technology platforms for delivery and security.”

“Getting good insights is nice; getting actionable insights is killer. And that’s what Proof gives us,” said Arun Kumar, Global Head of Analytics for Citi Publicis One Team, Razorfish. “We have been working with Lucid for over a year now measuring large media campaigns for our clients. We have received insights that have allowed us to both make large scale shifts in media budgets as well as pull the smaller levers on a daily basis. That’s what drives value for our clients.”

Arno Hummerston, Global Director Digital Market Intelligence, GfK, said, “We are running our first projects with Proof now and I have already been impressed with their level of service and knowledge. The scale of their platform’s reach means that they can fully support our campaign size requirements and readily enables us to drill-down for insights. This helps us deliver the cross-media, cross-channel potential of our GfK branded solutions to the very high standards that we demand.”

Lucid, formerly known as Federated Sample, rebranded in August to reflect the company’s focus on software innovation and on expanding the potential of traditional sampling, as well as its explosive growth with revenues doubling over the past twelve months.

About Lucid
Lucid is a software company delivering the power of human answers on a massive scale.  Lucid business units include Fulcrum, the first global programmatic exchange for market research sample (people who answer questions); Federated Sample, a full-service sample provider that, using proprietary technology, empowers clients to do world-class market research; and Proof, an advanced suite of adtech products providing campaign and audience measurement on an unprecedented scale. Over six billion questions have been asked and answered on Lucid’s global platform.

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