Pulley Boosts Engagement and Increases Conversion

Jan 5, 2017 | Monetization

After adopting Pulley, SoapBoxSample boosted panel engagement and increased conversion rates. Their proprietary panel, MySoapBox, prioritizes the respondent experience by offering members a platform to speak and be heard. SoapBoxSample implemented the Pulley system with the goal of:

  • Continuing efforts to increase engagement while constantly keeping the respondent experience top-of-mind
  • Maintain high retention levels
  • Increase targeting efficiency
  • Increase conversion and earnings-per-click (EPC)

About SoapBoxSample

SoapBoxSample, a member of the ISA family of companies, provides a 360-degree view of the consumer. Offerings include: Community Insight Platform (icanmakeitbetter), mobile and app-based research, passive metering, data collection, specialty panels, and full research design and analytics. From ideation to optimization, SoapBoxSample conducts research for new product development, branding/advertising testing, creative optimization and concept/product testing.

The Challenge

Prior to Pulley, SoapBoxSample used the Fulcrum Router to match their panel members with survey opportunities. One concern with the router was the question of whether their members were spending too much time answering pre-screening questions and not enough time in surveys they qualified for. They wanted to optimize their earnings-per-click (EPC), and increase their terminate and conversion rates.  Pulley became an opportunity to improve their match rates and increase member satisfaction – with very little risk.

“With Pulley’s simple and fast implementation, we didn’t have a lot to lose in trying it out and comparing it to our existing efforts using the router,” explains Alon Hartuv, Vice President of Product Development & Innovation, SoapBoxSample.

An Out-of-the-Box Solution

SoapBoxSample was up and running on Pulley quickly. Only one line of code was needed to get started. This simplicity was greatly appreciated, and ensured that they could do everything in house.

“There was no need to hire a developer to spend weeks or months building a custom API integration,” says Alon. With such a fast implementation, they could test it out and monitor the results without worrying about any long-term impact.

They began to see results almost immediately. Pulley matched their panel members to survey opportunities with much more efficiency than the router had in the past. These efficiency gains directly impacted user experience, member engagement and retention, and conversion rates and revenue.

The Results

On Pulley, MySoapBox member satisfaction increased as they qualified for more surveys and earned greater rewards. A better match rate is important for a couple of reasons.

  1. Happier, More Engaged Respondents

With member satisfaction, engagement rates increased, and attrition rates decreased – along with recruitment costs. Members were answering fewer questions to qualify for more surveys and churning less. A better user experience naturally results in a lower churn rate which can significantly impact revenue growth.

  1. Better Targeting and Increased Conversion

Precise and efficient targeting increased conversion rates, as members were matched with more applicable survey opportunities. The conversion rate in Fulcrum identifies the rate at which respondents who click a survey link, enter Fulcrum and complete a survey. SoapBoxSample has seen dramatic conversion improvements month over month.

In Q4 of 2016, SoapBoxSample saw a tremendous increase in earnings per click (EPC) year over year.

Bar graph - 2015/2016 EPC Increases

Pulley’s impact on SoapBoxSample’s sampling and delivery efforts was like a domino effect. A better match rate resulted in higher user satisfaction, which led to greater engagement, less churn, higher conversion, and increased revenue.

For SoapBoxSample, Pulley stood out for its simplicity and fast, positive results. The fact that it was so easy to implement made it a no-brainer. SoapBoxSample saw Pulley as a low risk/high gain investment and they are very happy with the results.

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