Tapping Elbows and Smiling with Masks: A New Era of Customer Relationships and ResTech

Jan 11, 2022 | Marketplace, ResTech

Since 2020, Research Technology has become increasingly essential to businesses. There was a moment where it felt like the whole economy was walking on unstable ground,  but as the country got used to our unusual state, we began to see adoption of ResTech at a much faster pace than previous years. A simple answer to a question is now more and more important for both the clients and industries we serve. And those who were quick to adopt have continued to reap the benefits of moving to a technology-first strategy into 2022. As the world of online research changes, however, the balance between technology and customer relationships is more important than ever.


ResTech offers a unique advantage to customers

I am convinced that this digital acceleration or this enablement of being able to adapt,  is what’s going to set competitors apart. Those who are close to their consumer with an intimate, real-time knowledge of their sentiments because of the use of ResTech, will win. This is because research has become a more critical part in the decision making process for a broader base of clients; as accessibility to survey sample increases, technology has enabled those with shallow pockets to delve in enthusiastically. This is particularly important as businesses want to make the right decision and ensure that money is being spent in the right direction.

We define Research Tech, or ResTech for short, as the technology that enables and amplifies online research across the globe through programmatic connections in digital marketplaces.  But another thing Lucid has helped pioneer is great teams and people who make ResTech possible in the first place. 


Insights are powered by tech and inspired by people

Whilst our industry gets excited about the machines taking over, it’s easy to overlook a vital ingredient, at least at Lucid, that is key to our success:  its people. The famous quote that some old successful guy once said – “People do not buy goods and services. They buy relationships, stories and magic.”

It is these individuals, our people who are passionate about our technology and its uses and potential, that bring this magic to your business. It’s our team that have created efficiencies for our clients, helped develop new revenue streams, worked together with business owners to help scale, and are even responsible for helping create businesses. In the times we’re currently working in I’ve been proud of our collective commitment to support our customers, to support Lucid and importantly to support each other.


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When partners are in sync, insights projects thrive

We count ourselves amongst those who are changing the world with one bit of insight at a time. Our  team wants to work on your projects and building relationships is the foundation of that process. While quick requests on email are the norm to enable us to do business with you, I must admit  it’s just a shame that words like “partnership” get used a lot and for many of us remains just a word. When it comes to the crunch every supplier is ultimately decided on price (and maybe timing), project by project. 

I don’t usually like to work with new clients. Not until we get to know them and they get to know us – are we your kind of people, are we the right fit? How about our unique insights and creativity in using our tech that can help take your business beyond your current vision? Can we see it work between us? 

Lately I have found that technology can either build or hinder these partnerships, as success depends on how well we incorporate the human element into our communication. 


Using technology to build relationships, not avoid them

To be honest, I’m bored of knowing some people by name and email only; it never used to be like this. I want to transform the way technology builds our relationship. We’re not going to suddenly stop responding to email requests because that is how our industry is these days, but I think there are better  ways to start a relationship or partnership. We want to respond by shaking hands (or at least tapping elbows), getting to know you and your business, challenging your ideas. It’s my belief that  we are not truly partners until we can be open and honest with each other and play an active part in making you and your team a success.   

Let 2022 be the year that we change the way we build relationships, using technology to our advantage.

Lucid built a business that initially spoke to those who were tech minded who were looking forward to the continual improvement and evolution of technology within the research sector. Years on we’ve been lucky to build collaborative relationships and have helped many clients move forward including many traditionalists who didn’t initially believe in us, but we built friendships and we cared about their next steps. 


A new era of business partnerships continues to take shape

I love the work we do and the clients we’re blessed to work with, and I believe the work we do to help them evolve is super important. Last year confirmed without doubt just how crucial ResTech is, especially if current news reports remain as bleak as they are now into the remainder of the  year.

Helping businesses adapt and being able to navigate a new world for them through our work has been very rewarding for our teams and we look forward to guiding others through this significant period of ongoing change and pressure for a lot of our clients and prospects. We’re not just going to sell you something, we want to focus on you and what works for us as partners and I hope to continue doing this, with or without masks on. 


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