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Oct 18, 2017 | Marketplace, Featured

The sample industry has struggled to accurately forecast feasibility and price, especially within a programmatic marketplace.

Until today.

We have officially launched our feasibility and price estimation tool, Reach.

Now every Fulcrum user has the ability to understand the ultimate success of their study, providing a forecast for completion – on time and within budget.

Answers, not Guesses
Whether sampling a census-based or a custom audience, your feasibility and pricing are delivered instantly. Simply define your target, survey length and number of respondents. Reach will determine the feasibility and cost – giving you the opportunity to budget your project and get the human answers you need.

Rather than a simple calculation based on panel count, Reach is built upon a Machine Learning framework providing the answers by determining the probabilistic relationships between tens of thousands of qualifications – all before a study is launched.

The Machine Learning framework behind Reach is a powerful neural network built with the TensorFlow™ API. TensorFlow, a cutting-edge Google developed framework, is used by businesses such as Intel, DropBox, Snapchat, AirBnB, and many others, to build and train neural networks.

Why use Machine Learning?
Before today, most panel feasibility was based on a historical “panel count” scheme:

  1. Take the quote details (demographic and other targets)
  2. Run a count in your database for the number of potential respondents
  3. Multiply by the incidence rate
  4. Take email open rates and completion rates into account
  5. Bam! You have the number of potential respondents for a survey

The simple panel count method began to fall apart when massive aggregation of sample via programmatic technology started to occur.  Suddenly, the majority of respondents available for a survey weren’t coming from a bespoke email invitation to a specific survey, but through real-time optimization of proprietary panels as well as aggregation of dozens of sources.

We quickly realized that the old methods of panel counts and pricing grids weren’t going to cut it in the modern age of sampling. Additionally, the audience targeting requests were evolving faster than any panel profiling survey could keep up. Finally, pricing in a programmatic marketplace is very dynamic, meaning it can quickly change week to week.

The TensorFlow Machine Learning framework is the best way to discern the dynamic between price, delivery, and targeting.

Neural Network, Explained
Modeled after the mapping of the neurons in the brain, the nodes of the Reach network are connected much like the neurons in your mind. It makes connections faster and detects complex patterns much more accurately than traditional software.

For feasibility, we trained the Reach Neural Network on the past 45 million survey completes on Fulcrum. With this power, Reach is able to predict, with high accuracy, virtually infinite combinations of qualifications – even those that haven’t yet been requested within the marketplace. Each of the nearly 200 standard Fulcrum qualifications are available immediately.

Reach not only sees the future but plans for it. Our platform dynamically learns and adapts to trends that are happening within our marketplace – in real time.

Because the market moves so quickly, we used the past 720 days of completes on Fulcrum or approximately 45 million interviews to understand the relationships between targeting criteria, incidence, and cost per complete.

Discoveries through Reach
The Reach feature has enabled our team to discover a number of interesting data points about our marketplace. In our live testing, we were pleasantly surprised that some audiences thought to be in short supply and more expensive are plentiful in the marketplace. We were able to fill a survey targeting females with “director” in their job title, at $1 in less than three days. However, Reach also tested some industry assumptions around even harder to find audiences. For example, we found that location is a significant factor in not just feasibility but in price. You will need to pay nearly $4 for men in Columbus, OH. But, only $2 for men in Philadelphia.

Forecast Today
The Reach tool is available now for sampling in the US market to any Fulcrum user, with many more markets on the way. No additional costs or setup are required for your account, start now:

The power of the future is within Reach.

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