YouthForce NOLA is back at Lucid!

Jul 19, 2017 | Uncategorized, Featured

Written in collaboration with Joy and Diamond, YouthForce NOLA interns


For the third consecutive summer, Lucid partnered with YouthForce NOLA and welcomed two high-school interns, Joy and Diamond, to our team. As you may already know, Lucid is a strong believer in mentorship programs, and we jumped at the chance to expose younger students to our world.

YouthForce NOLA is an education, business, and civic partnership that helps connect students in the New Orleans public school district with companies across the city. The goal is to introduce students to the tools necessary for success, to expose them to unfamiliar job possibilities, and to inspire them to work hard in college and beyond.


Learning from each other

At Lucid, we like to think big and move fast. Our YouthForce interns help us do both; they bring new ideas and perspectives to the table that enable us to grow and improve the company.

We love having the interns in the building because it opens them up to the culture of a workplace. Kate from the Business Innovation team shares that, “exposing you (the interns) to this environment and giving you mentors will give you a sense of your likes and dislikes.” Our hope is for the interns to ask questions and learn about how they can impact a company, no matter what role they are in.

Technology is the core of our business, so who better to work with us than teenagers who grew up surrounded by tech? Our Chief of Staff Vignesh says, “high school students know technology better than anyone else. They were born into the technological age and they can add fundamental changes for the company.”


Joy and Diamond with our team, presenting on their internship experience.


Getting involved in our community

In addition to partnering with YouthForce NOLA, Lucid encourages its employees to get involved in the community. Each of our employees has one day a year they can take off to volunteer at any organization of their choice. A few of our favorite places to volunteer are Operation Spark, Electric Girls, and Animal Rescue New Orleans.

Lucid-ites will often buddy up or get a small group together to do their service day. Service days are as much about team building as community building, so we are always expanding our network of community partners. Partnering with Youthforce is a great way that we can leave a legacy in our community.


Joy and Diamond signing off

Working with Lucid has been a great experience in that we’ve learned to try new things, push our thinking, and connect with different people in the company. During our time at Lucid, we have learned how to operate key tools utilized throughout the company (i.e. Power BI, Slack, Excel, SalesForce, and Fulcrum), how to code (HTML, Python, and SQL), and we’ve launched Lucid’s very own Snapchat account. Our favorite project was creating and launching our own survey.

In the future, Diamond plans to study computer science, while Joy plans to get a degree in forensics and business. We both want to continue exploring everything that the STEM field has to offer.

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