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As we continue to understand the full reaches of the COVID-19 epidemic, the Lucid team would like to outline the measures we are taking to maintain the same high-levels of service, availability, and expertise you expect. Given the growing global concern regarding the impact of COVID-19, we are sharing Lucid’s comprehensive plan.

Health and Safety is our First Priority

The health and safety of our employees, customers, and the general public is always of paramount priority. With this in mind, Lucid is well-prepared to adjust our business operations to help minimize any impact and prevent the spread of COVID-19. Our ultimate goal is to keep our team safe while delivering the same high quality service that you have come to expect.

To ensure the effectiveness of the continuity of the business, we have conducted a global, team-wide “work-from-home” day for all Lucid employees. The purpose of this test was to help us identify and mitigate any gaps in coverage or potential weak spots in our systems. 

Lucid utilizes best-in-class secure messaging, communication, video and identity verification to ensure that our global workforce is always mobile-ready and prepared to work remotely. We are pleased to report that we saw no material change in our output, systems & security and operations thereby delivering business as usual. Measured by completes, survey entrants, system activity or even Slack messages, all metrics were normal. 

Understanding our capabilities, we know that we must take actions to secure the safety of our communities across the world. Starting today and through Friday, March 27th, all Lucid employees will be working from home. The values of our organization serve as guideposts and by acting without fear, and protecting our communities, we are continuing to fulfill our standards and our commitment to you. 

We hope and believe that other companies, communities and public organizations will act in a similar fashion so that we can contain the epidemic, limit those impacted, and ensure the optimal use of healthcare resources. We have a resource linked at the bottom that is informative and helpful in guiding action.

Marketplace Health

As a marketplace, we place a tremendous amount of investment on the security of participants throughout our ecosystem – particularly survey respondents. Because respondents in our marketplace interact with online surveys on a 1:1 basis, participation is not contingent on a respondent taking the survey in a public location. 

As the impact of COVID-19 continues to evolve, we do not anticipate any reduction in the number of respondents who will be available to participate in surveys. We have gauged overall activity in the Lucid Marketplace and are seeing no downturn in activity. 

Our year-on-year completes are healthy and our current March to date is 27.5% higher as compared to the same period last year. This signals to us that buyers and suppliers are active and the marketplace is functioning well. In addition, our Marketplace Supply Team has met with suppliers and the early reports back suggest that there is little to no impact on the supply of respondents. 

We will continue to monitor and manage to ensure the marketplace is available to you.

Network Reliability

The Lucid platform is capable of handling the millions of questions and answers that we do today as well as considerable additional load above and beyond that. The platform and dependent services are hosted by a major cloud-hosting provider, which has not seen any degradation of service as a result of COVID-19 nor do we expect any degradation in the future. We continue to take all necessary measures to keep our services fully functional and available. Our teams, as always, are on-call to attend to any unforeseen disruptions of service if they occur. Platform availability is, and always will be, our top Product and Engineering priority.

We understand your expectations when you work with our team, and we continue to strive in surpassing them on a daily basis. We expect that you, like us, will not experience any effect on your service or output during this time. For real-time updates on the status of the Lucid platform, please visit our Status Page

Have Questions?

If you have any questions about our preparedness or would like to discuss how we can help you achieve more, please reach out to your Account Manager or email us at

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