Lucid and Realeyes: Combining Groundbreaking Technologies to Measure the Emotional Impact of UK Christmas Ads

Déc 5, 2017 | Press

With goals of increasing their consideration and boosting revenues, the world’s biggest brands invest massive amounts of time and money in the production and airing of big budget television spots – and in a split second these ads either hit their mark or fall flat.

By combining Lucid’s access to 70+ million global consumers with Realeyes’ AI algorithms that track and interpret facial expressions, researchers are able to determine which formats, themes, and products are emotionally resonating with audiences. Most recently, Lucid and Realeyes partnered to measure consumer response to the recently launched Christmas ads in the UK.

For this study, 3,300 study participants were sourced from Lucid’s Audience Platform and Realeyes’ AI algorithms interpreted facial expressions while they watched different Christmas ads.

What Realeyes researchers discovered was the most impactful ads tell a story. Stories including themes of authenticity, humor, or romance allowed viewers to build personal connections, resulting in higher emotional engagement. Lower performing ads tended to focus more on specific products, showcasing features and benefits.

According to Realeyes algorithms, his year’s most effective ad, a Coca-Cola spot featuring Channel 4’s Gogglebox families reacting to its iconic Holidays Are Coming ad, beat out 55 other Christmas ads. The rest of the top 10 ads can be found below and deeper analysis can be found at Realeyes’ Christmas Hub.

Maybe the biggest surprise of the season was the highly anticipated John Lewis ad. Last year’s winner could only muster the 17th spot this year with Moz the Monster. This showing is the company’s second-lowest performing Christmas ad of the last seven years.

By leveraging the full speed and scale of Lucid’s Audience Platform, the two companies were able to get in front of consumers quickly, conducting all 3,300 surveys in the hours immediately following the release of the ads. This allowed for accurate emotional readings, before any in-market fatigue could set in.

The Top 10 most engaging Christmas ads:
1. Coca-Cola: Gogglebox on “Holidays are coming”
2. Vodafone: A Christmas love story
3. McDonald’s: Carrot Stick Christmas
4. M&S: Paddington and the Christmas visitor
=5. Currys/PC World: Merry Techmas
=5. H Samuel: Beautiful Christmas Gifts
=7. Waitrose: Christmas Together
=7. Heathrow: Bears Christmas
=9. Pandora: Do get what you wish for
=9.   Tesco: Turkey, every which way

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