Fulcrum: Eliminating Boundaries of Market Research

Mar 6, 2014 | Marketplace

It is human nature to lean towards that which is comfortable, “known”.  In sampling your close knit group of supplier friends are dependable, steady, and consistent.  Your friends are always there for you, you know what they can deliver, their pro’s and con’s.  But what happens when your friends can’t quite deliver what you need?

In the past few years of working in the Sample Industry, I’ve seen this network of friends expand.  This world of new friends is exciting, complex, and global.  Some include names that you know but were never able to access their panel directly. Others are new names that have little or no sales force and therefore were not as visible prior to the availability of an open industry exchange.

Let Fulcrum introduce you to this new expanded network of friends.  Either through Bid Manager’s supplier search, or just turning on the Industry Exchange, new friends await you on a global scale.  You may be surprised that your new best friend actually grew up down the street with capabilities that you desperately need, but did not know where to look.

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