Q1 Fulcrum Quality Scores

Mai 9, 2017 | Marketplace, Quality

The Q1, 2017 Fulcrum Quality scores are now published. The Fulcrum Quality program sets the industry benchmark for evaluating sample suppliers. The Quality score is measured on a quarterly basis to ensure the best representation of supplier performance. Quality scores can fluctuate from month-to-month, depending on specific projects, reconciliation rates, supplier’s internal quality mechanisms, and panel makeup. Therefore, a quarterly average gives a more holistic view of supplier quality.

Refresh your understanding of how the Quality score is calculated, and learn a bit more about how rankings are beneficial to both suppliers and buyers. The Composite Quality score is made up of three different scores:

  • QScore: Respondent attentiveness, engagement, and answer quality within a quarterly standardized quality survey.
  • Consistency: Supplier composition consistency over time.
  • Acceptance: Percentage of completes ultimately accepted by buyers.

Suppliers should strive towards achieving a higher score each quarter to prove to buyers that they have the most responsive and consistent panel over time. The breakdown of the Composite Score into three sub-scores helps suppliers know which areas they need to improve in order to achieve a higher score the next quarter.

Buyers always need consistent and high quality sample to best serve their research needs. The Consistency Score help buyers understand behavioral makeup of panels with the score based on trends of five non-demographic measurements, such as value-seeking behavior and technology usage. This breakdown helps buyers better blend sample to meet targets; high quality sample is reliable, meaning respondents are more likely to be engaged and consistent wave-over-wave.

Take a look at a brief comparison of the top performers from Q1 and understand why their rankings changed after Q4.

Every quarter we work with our supply partners to help them interpret their Quality score. Our goal is to reiterate the importance of having a high ranking, and discuss how they can maintain or improve their ranking for next quarter.

Fulcrum users can view scores for specific supplier’s scores by logging into the Fulcrum platform. (Bid > Supplier Search, reports are available under each supplier profile)

Review our quality infographic for a brief review of sample quality measures to date.  

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