Brenda Tuohig

Sep 7, 2021

Powering Media Measurement Through AdTech and ResTech Cooperation – with Brenda Tuohig of The Trade Desk


Episode Summary

In the light of our recent partnership with The Trade Desk, we’re excited to have Brenda Tuohig on our show to discuss the value of AdTech and ResTech working together. First, let’s start by getting to know Brenda a little better.

Brenda is the Senior Vice President of Global Data Partnerships at The Trade Desk, the fastest-growing demand-side (DSP) platform in the industry. Before joining The Trade Desk, she was Vice President, Global Agency Partnerships at Oracle Data Cloud. She oversees all aspects of The Trade Desk’s data partner ecosystem across targeting, measurement, CTV, identity, and retail partnerships.

In this episode, our host Patrick Comer talks to Kumar Doshi, the Senior Vice President of Marketing at Lucid, and Brenda about the power of AdTech and ResTech collaboration, how they’re working together to improve advertising and media measurement, and what the future holds for advertisers on the open internet.


Name: Brenda Tuohig

What she does: She’s the Senior Vice President of Global Data Partnerships at The Trade Desk, a technology company that enables marketers and advertisers to execute data-driven digital advertising campaigns.

Company: The Trade Desk

Key Quote: The insight that I try to take on board every day, is really explaining the WHY behind the WHAT you’re trying to get done at your job. It’s a lot easier when people can get behind the WHY versus just the WHAT. And so I try and embrace that every day.”

Key Insights

  • What are the core values that The Trade Desk and Lucid share? Brenda, Patrick, and Kumar discuss company values. Transparency, openness, and objectivity are core values that both The Trade Desk and Lucid live by. “Everything that we stand for is about enabling advertisers to buy their media most effectively and efficiently across what we termed the open internet. And we do that by providing tremendous scale across the ecosystem of publishers, connecting that content to data and decisioning, and helping our advertisers understand the efficacy of their ads on our platform.”
  • Media measurement helps build trust. Accurate media measurement is the best way to help advertisers understand the effectiveness of their campaigns. It helps them feel confident about placing their budget in new places and testing out new strategies. Above all, measurement builds greater trust in digital spend, a particularly vital element during these unprecedented COVID times. “The agility that’s been requested of marketers and consumers and the platforms that support them has just required that we’re really all being very thoughtful together about helping ensure that those ad dollars are seeing the best possible ROI.”
  • The promise of Unified ID goes far beyond what third-party cookies offer. With cookie deprecation and privacy regulation on our way, the need for decreasing reliance on third-party cookies has emerged. The Trade Desk is doing its part in helping spearhead and get industry traction for Unified ID 2.0. “We’ve seen tremendous adoption, and the reason we believe it’s an upgrade of the cookie is first and foremost, it puts controls in the hands of the consumer, which is extremely important. So consumers can go to a portal, determine their own privacy settings around unified. Another thing that it does – that cookies weren’t doing – is it cuts across channels so ads can now be served against UID in mobile and connected TV. And then maybe the most important is that it’s highly secure with the encryption and the hashing of the personally identifiable information.”

“Trust is such a key ingredient. We’re doing our clients a favor by helping them build trust within their walls. And if they’re the agency to their clients around what strategies they’re deploying and helping them also just really understand how to adjust and optimize their campaigns to be delivering the best efficiency for them.”

Episode Highlights

Lucid provides a seamless user experience to The Trade Desk customers looking for accurate measurement

“I think our aligned philosophies around openness and transparency for sure, creating a marketplace and being able to conduct this type of study around the globe and at scale and at the volume that we see is important. And then also just the flexibility and nimbleness.

So most recently we’ve integrated Lucid’s tech directly into our platform, making it very seamless for our advertisers to set up surveys and see results directly in their dashboard to really adjust and optimize their campaigns in real-time.”

CTV is here to stay

“CTV is a key priority focus area for The Trade Desk as we’re really seeing a lot of spend shift to a more programmatic way of buying. And I think we’re seeing the entire TV ecosystem lean into the ability to buy more intelligently through programmatic. But also, and importantly, everyone’s recognizing the cord-cutters, and my favorite are the cord-nevers.

We’re seeing those numbers just starting to eclipse. I think for the first time we’ve seen the numbers in the U.S. where 87 million households are CTV households, and that’s surpassed cable subscribers.”

The role of data in CTV targeting

“What is now available in CTV in a platform like ours is to apply a lot more data to decisioning and measurement. Our clients are leaning into and appreciating CTV channel and the ability it allows for them to target better, and control for reach and frequency. And I think we can all, even in our own experiences, appreciate getting hit over the head with the same ad repeatedly is a degradation to the brand versus actually helping the brand.

Our solutions help control for that , while solving measurement too. Brand lift studies such as the ones that Lucid provides are extremely important in this channel because, in CTV, we see much more of the upper funnel brand driving type of measurement, and that aligns extremely well with the type of surveys and brand lift studies you offer.”




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