Optimize Your Survey Community with On-Time Data

Lucid’s next generation API, “On-Time Supply” (OTS), offers even better functionality for online communities that supply survey responses. By more accurately matching your respondents to available surveys, OTS will help increase your revenue and grow your brand on the Lucid Marketplace.


In addition to survey opportunities and respondent outcomes data, you can now get access to total quotas, all underlying nested quota data, and the conditions for any survey in your Opportunity Watch List, pushed directly to you every 15 seconds.

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More Data

Get available surveys, with qualification and quota data, and respondent outcomes consistently delivered to you.

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Unmatched Speed

Receive data every 15 seconds based on your set criteria.

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Better Decisions

Make more accurate decisions for your audience and increase your revenue.

“The data through the OTS Opportunities endpoint is really clean, so instead of having to pull from multiple endpoints, it’s all centralized, which we like.”

Tommy Fang | Eureka Surveys 
OTS Marketplace Supply Partner

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Eureka Surveys

Learn how On-Time Supply provides Eureka Surveys with the ability to make faster and more accurate decisions, with more tailored survey opportunities and better user-level data.