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Despite nationwide protests, more Americans want Confederate monuments to stay than go

Lucid conducted a poll and found that 47% of Americans want to preserve the Confederate monuments.

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Nine months after the election, what can pollsters learn from their mistakes and do differently?

Between August and November last year, the Times-Picayune and Lucid collaborated to develop a daily tracking poll to estimate what might happen on November 8th. Though, like most polls, our prediction was wrong, we have decided to remodel our analysis because we believe our platform is uniquely positioned to provide solutions as the entire polling industry confronts declining telephone response rates.

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The Country Jam of Senator Kid Rock

Musician Kid Rock announced in a tweet that he was considering running for US Senate. On a Lucid poll conducted this week, we asked 552 likely Michigan voters whom they will vote for in the upcoming Senate race. Kid Rock comes as a close second to Stabenow and is a strong frontrunner among Republican candidates.

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Facial Recognition Proves John Lewis is Most Engaging Christmas Ad

After mixed reactions last year, John Lewis has produced this year’s most engaging festive ad, according to a study which measures viewers’ emotions by tracking facial expressions. Lucid was thrilled to work with Realeyes who used facial recognition software to track which holiday ads in the UK were the most emotionally engaging.

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Tulane University Post-Election Survey

The Department of Political Science, in association with Lucid, conducted a statewide opt-in Internet poll to learn about decisions in the November 8, 2016 election and to gauge voter preferences in the December 10, 2016 runoff election for U.S. Senator.

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The Times-Picayune/Lucid 2016 Presidential Tracking Poll

Global audience platform Lucid and NOLA Media Group, Louisiana’s largest media company reaching more than 7 million users per month through The Times-Picayune and, partnered to provide important information through polling on a variety of subjects, including a daily tracker of voters in the 2016 U.S. presidential race.

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Keep recess in schools, The Times-Picayune/Lucid survey says

The debate over how to best educate American children is often heated and divisive, but nearly everyone seems to agree at least one point — kids need free time to play. A Times-Picayune/Lucid survey shows parents in Jefferson Parish are not the only ones who consider recess a priority.

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Do Bilinguals Respond More Favorably to Candidate Advertisements in English or in Spanish?

Candidates for political office can appeal to bilingual Americans in either English or in Spanish. Using Lucid’s platform, researchers at the University of Chicago and Yale University are able to explain that bilinguals appear to increase their support for presidential candidates because they infer that by virtue of publicly speaking Spanish well, the candidate displays an affinity with the Latino in-group.

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The 10 Most Compelling Rio Olympics Ads, According to Facial-Tracking Technology Hershey’s wins gold with Simone Biles

Based on the feed from a webcam, Realeyes, working with audience platform Lucid, used machine learning and artificial intelligence to track the movements of 49 key facial points on 4,500 people to understand what each person thought and felt after watching dozens of Olympics ads. The data was then analyzed with an algorithm to understand which emotions were most prevalent and to rank the most compelling ads.

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Super Bowl Ads: Facial Recognition Identifies Real-Time Engagement

Animals and ultrasounds struck a chord with viewers.

While most people were kicking back, relaxing and watching the Super Bowl over the weekend, software company Lucid and insights platform Qualtrics were conducting a study to determine the most engaging commercials of the year by measuring people’s facial expressions.

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What can be Learned from 500,000 Online Survey Responses About Party Identification?

In mid-December 2015, the market research technology firm Lucid added the American National Elections Survey (ANES) party identification question to its battery of standard demographics collected from all survey takers on its marketplace for online survey responses, the Fulcrum Exchange. By December 31st, 2015, Lucid had collected 506,642 individual responses, making this the one of the largest (if not the largest) set of responses to the ANES party ID question ever assembled.

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2015 Louisiana Governor Election Poll

The University of New Orleans Survey Research Center, in association with Lucid, has conducted a statewide opt-in Internet poll to gauge the preferences of registered voters in the upcoming October 24th primary election for governor.

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