LUCID Professional Services

Lucid’s Professional Services team provides full-service fielding and sampling assistance. Our dedicated team are experts in using the Lucid Marketplace. They have solutions for your most complex fielding challenges and strategies for accessing the millions of available respondents.

Full Sampling Service – from Consultation to Execution

As experts on the Lucid Marketplace, our team has the skills to guide you through even the most complex projects.

Optimize Your Time

Focus on other tasks while our team of project managers handles your complex fieldwork.

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Stay Within Budget

We ensure that you are getting the best possible price by sourcing respondents from our entire marketplace of suppliers.

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Reach Your Audience

With tens of millions of respondents available from 250+ sample sources, our team can help you reach any target audience.

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Benefit from Diverse Industry Expertise

Our Professional Services team is composed of members with years of market research, project management, and sample sourcing expertise. They can handle any job and are trusted partners invested in your success.

Every time a project that involves an online study comes through, I reach out to Lucid first because I know we can rely on them. The team is really great to work with. They are super responsive and have become real teammates! To boot, they are always faster, and our data always seems cleaner than some other providers we’ve used.

Kaitlin McMenemon-Taraby
Associate Director, Kelton Global

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We’ll do the heavy lifting for you

Lucid’s Professional Services team will run studies for you, providing full support through the lifecycle of each project.

Expert Bidding and Sampling Guidance
Start by requesting a bid and our team will provide you with the best project management in the industry. They’ll help to define your project goals, find feasibility for your target, and build a sampling strategy.

Comprehensive Fielding Options
From reaching niche audiences, to deploying high-volume studies, or executing quick turnaround projects – Lucid’s Professional Services team can handle it. No sample need is too complex.

Tracking and Blending Management
You’ll never have to worry about the blend consistency of your tracking surveys. There is always an expert ensuring that the blend of suppliers and makeup of your sample is the same, wave after wave.

Programming and Data Processing
We provide a truly full-service sampling solution – and we’ll program your survey into your preferred hosting platform. Simply provide your questions to our team, and we will take it from there.

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Lucid Professional Services

Lucid Professional Services include: 

  • Project management

  • Survey creation and execution

  • Programming and hosting

  • Sample guidance and expertise