Marketplace Supply Link

Connect directly to the Marketplace using a unique entry link, so your respondents can be matched with surveys and you can generate revenue from your online community.

Access survey opportunities in real-time, 

without the complicated setup.

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Simple setup

You provide the Lucid team with your complete and term redirects, and we take it from there. In most cases, it takes one developer just one day to get this integration up and running.
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Smart and efficient delivery

Respondents are matched to surveys with the highest ranking based on our proprietary algorithm. Link uses real-time survey performance data to ensure that high earnings-per-click (EPC) surveys receive the most traffic.

Expert Consultation

Whether you have an established research panel, or you’re looking to make additional revenue from your online audience, our team will help you find a solution.

Enhanced User Engagement

Lucid’s algorithm finds available, high value surveys a respondent may qualify for – maximizing the return on each individual respondent.

Request a demo

Use a web link to send your online community to Marketplace surveys they qualify for.

  • No integration required
  • Respondents can start completing surveys immediately