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Proof by Lucid uses human data at scale to reveal your real audience – in real time – and to accurately measure brand lift and awareness from your advertising and marketing campaigns. We don’t guess about media. We know. That’s why Fortune 100 brands and top 10 digital agencies are already using Proof.

“In addition to being an absolute pleasure to work with, the brilliant minds at Lucid have provided us tremendous, newfound insight into the millions of people who visit our website every year. Their technology has enabled us to build a better picture of who these potential city visitors to New Orleans are, where they live, and what they do, which in turn has helped us position our content to be more relevant, so we can convert them into actual city visitors.”

– Jeremy Cooker, VP, Marketing and Special Projects, New Orleans Tourism Marketing Corporation

“Proof by Lucid provided valuable information for the UNO Hospitality Research Center. In an era on which information is limited, Lucid was able to reach the specific, and somehow limited, market required for one of our most important studies. The quality of the data and professionalism of the team made Lucid the company to go for our future studies.”

– Maria J. Ortiz, Project Manager, University of New Orleans


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Proof Audience

Get the real picture - who’s seeing your message and interacting with your media - allowing you to optimize in real time.  We match against the world’s largest consumer data platform, delivering answers within hours that otherwise would take weeks.

Proof Effectiveness

Understand the impact of your campaigns and creative. Get exactly the data you want from the largest pool of verified human beings available for measurement and surveying. Talk only to people who saw your message. 

Proof Sample

The effectiveness source for market research. Access verified exposed sample for accurate, targeted measurement.

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