Proof Audience

Know Your Audience

Know your audience for any campaign in real time. Validate your media spend and optimize your marketing in hours, not days. We're not guessing, we know.

How It Works

A tracking pixel is placed on your ad creative – any digital asset, from rich media or display to branded content, YouTube videos – if it can be pixeled, we can measure it. When the impression hits, the tracking pixel checks for a match against our global audience platform, enabling real-time reporting of campaign demographics. The Proof dashboard gives you direct insight into audience delivery and means you can start optimizing hours into your campaign.

Don’t Waste Budget in the Wrong Places

Media and marketing buys are tough. You know who you want to see your message, but knowing where that audience lives across a complex media mix is not easy.
Proof delivers in record time a detailed picture of real humans viewing each campaign element. You’ll know – fast – which publishers and platforms are delivering the customer you want; if you’re being syndicated away from your desired audience; where and what you need to increase or cut. You can monitor campaign performance in real-time, empowering you to optimize your media spend on each campaign – or individual pieces of creative – across every platform.

Optimize or Validate Campaigns Large and Small

Confidently measure your most targeted campaigns, be it consumer or B2B audiences. On average, Proof matches 1.25% of impressions, far above the match rate of any related product. Each match comes with our standard demographic data points: age, gender, education, income, residence geography, race/ethnicity, employment, and device type.

Real-Time Access To Your Audience Profile Data

Proof provides real-time performance reporting so you can see how (and if!) your campaign is reaching your intended target audience. Proof Audience helps you optimize campaign targeting through access to our dashboard and API connection to deliver accurate reads on targeting efficiency at the site, placement, and creative level.

Accurate, Safe, and Private Data Technology Stack

Our technology is certified by Google and many other publishers and networks across the digital ecosystem; it captures exposure in both desktop and mobile. Proof is data-safe. The Proof technology stack is built upon data direct from Fulcrum Exchange – the first and largest programmatic marketplace for survey sample. All data is drawn from fully opted-in profiles and no PII is involved.


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