Proof Effectiveness

Powering Cross-Platform Agile Marketing

Proof Effectiveness gives advertisers the metrics needed to enable agile marketing across digital platforms with real human data. Measure campaign effectiveness and optimize in real-time with deep insight into brand lift and impact. With the largest access to survey respondents in the world, Proof Effectiveness allows you to go direct to your real audience. Measure virtually any type of campaign across high-quality consumer panels. Connect audience, survey, and offline data with Proof Effectiveness.

Organically Measure Brand Impact From Any Size or Kind of Campaign

Proof Effectiveness uses state-of-the-art technology to dynamically identify and survey consumers who have been exposed to your campaign. Campaign exposure is passively recorded without disrupting the experience with the ad or content. Instead, Proof Effectiveness leverages a pool of over 70 million unique individuals in order to measure campaigns of virtually any size, no matter how targeted, across multiple media and content formats.

Flexible, Device-agnostic Technology Meets Your Campaign’s Measurement Needs

We understand that to break through, brand campaigns need innovative, custom campaign elements. Our flexible technology allows measurement across desktop, mobile web, mobile apps, and more. Whether you have custom units, video, display, native, or other brand content, our proven technology has the flexibility to measure exposure, brand impact, and even offline sales data.

Real-Time Access to Your Brand Lift Data

Proof provides actionable, real-time performance reporting so you can see how your campaign’s audience is reacting to the campaign across site, placement, and creative. Our dashboard lets you see the brand impact data as it comes in and allows you to make fast decisions based on real audience reaction. The efficiencies built into Proof Effectiveness enable large sample sizes, so you can have readable sample earlier in the campaign, have confidence in the results, and take immediate action.


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