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Presidential Job Approval

Lucid Public Opinion Weekly uses our online marketplace, Fulcrum, to ask American adults their opinions on common public issues. All data is weighted by state, gender, age, income, and ethnicity. Each week, we will release results on the public’s view of the President’s job performance. Additionally, we will take an in-depth look at their views on a variety of policy issues.

Our platform has been used by market researchers for nearly a decade and is proving to be a solution for conducting broader public opinion research. Last year, we launched a daily tracking poll leading up to the 2016 US Presidential Election. Like most pollsters, we predicted victory for Hillary Clinton. In our postmortem we found that applying a more sophisticated model improved prediction accuracy of the results by concluding a Trump win in Ohio, Iowa and Wisconsin.


Polarization on Key Policy Issues

How polarized are Americans on different policy issues?
Political polarization has been identified as an increasingly salient topic in recent elections and in American culture. Much of this discussion is centered around growing ideological consistency among political partisans between 1994 and 2017; our goal is to monitor issue polarization on a more regular basis. Ideological division has an apparent influence on presidential job approval ratings but also on less overtly political issues such as economic outlook. By following it closely, we can better observe changes and determine correlations.

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Each weekly survey is conducted among 1,200 American adults. The margin of error is published weekly in addition to cross-tabulated results. Our marketplace diversifies where respondents come from and blinds the subject matter of the survey that each respondent will take, which reduces potential bias of a single source.

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