Self-Service Respondent Discovery Tool

LUCID Theorem

Lucid Theorem is an easy-to-use respondent discovery tool that allows researchers to target U.S. nationally representative respondents. It’s an ideal option for studies that aim to gauge the sentiments of the general population.

A self-service respondent discovery tool for U.S. respondents

With access to millions of survey respondents in the U.S., Theorem enables you to run low-cost, prepaid, nationally representative studies.

Fixed Pricing

Theorem costs only $1 per complete, with no additional fees or subscription required.

Fast Results

Start receiving results within 48 hours of launching your project.

Easy Setup

Take advantage of a true DIY solution by programming your survey using Qualtrics.

Applies to any industry

Theorem is used by researchers, agencies, pollsters, content creators, and more.

Millions of respondents at your fingertips

Simply program your survey, select your participants, and launch your study.

Theorem Features

Nat Rep Balanced Respondents
Nationally representative respondents are balanced based on age, gender, ethnicity, and region demographics.

Prepay Option
Prepay for your studies, so you can launch when you are ready to begin collecting data.

Programming in Qualtrics
Use your Qualtrics account to create your survey in a few simple steps.

Get Started with LUCID Theorem

Launching your first study is easy.

LUCID Theorem requirements

  • Programmed in Qualtrics
  • Interview length is less than 15 minutes
  • Mobile-optimized
  • Qualtrics Survey Flow is set up properly
  • All participants 18 years and older will qualify for and be allowed to take your survey