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Build your marketing tech stack with Lucid. Our suite of products allows you to survey people within your target market to inform your advertising strategy, develop content ideas, and more.

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Measurement Solutions

Ensure that your campaign strategy is on track with our measurement tools. We can help you verify the impact of your ads and the accuracy of your data sets.

LUCID Impact Measurement

Survey consumers after they are exposed to your advertising campaign to measure its performance.

  • Track success in real-time
  • Smarter data visualization
  • Optimize media performance
  • Backed by powerful technology

LUCID Data Score

Measure the percentage of people in a data set that match the attributes you’re profiling.

  • Audience composition data
  • Data set accuracy
  • Campaign audience verification
  • Actionable results

LUCID Marketplace on your terms

Explore our solutions for professionals. With Lucid’s suite of products, you’ll find the right participants for your study with fielding options that align with your project needs.

LUCID Marketplace

We match your survey with respondents who meet your targeting criteria, so you can get answers from the right people.

  • More control over your insights
  • Faster access to survey results
  • High quality responses
  • Fully transparent transactions

LUCID Theorem

This easy-to-use tool gives you access to millions of survey respondents in the U.S.

  • Fixed pricing
  • Easy setup
  • Programming in Qualtrics
  • Prepay option

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