Measure Audience Accuracy


Data Score assures that you are reaching your target audience. With direct access to 29+ million respondents, Lucid is bringing a new level of accuracy and transparency to data-driven advertising.

Lucid Data Score offers two audience verification tools:

Use Segment Validation before going in-market to verify that your target audience is represented in segmented data lists.

Use Campaign Validation while in-flight to assure your intended audience is seeing your campaigns.

Ready to improve targeting, gain deeper insights, and increase campaign ROI?

Data quality is the keystone of programmatic, audience-targeted media. In the data-driven advertising economy, increasing precision is paramount to ROI.

Data Score was developed to strengthen the quality of audience data.  This solution allows marketers and data platforms to evaluate their audience and improve their results.


Segment Validation

Quantify the accuracy of data targeting relative to the US population before going in-market.

We ask consumers in your data set if they meet your target criteria

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Campaign Validation

Measure audience accuracy in-flight.

We ask people who have seen your ads if they meet your target criteria

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Benefits of Audience Data Measurement 

Brands & Agencies:

  • Improve Targeting Efficiency
  • Increase Media Vendor Transparency
  • Uncover Predictive Datasets
  • Enrich First Party Data
  • Connect Online and Offline campaigns

Media Companies & Data Sellers:

  • Differentiate Your Premium Data Assets
  • Optimize & Improve Audience Performance
  • Offer Complete Transparency Though Third-Party Verification



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