Fulcrum puts the power in your hands.

Fulcrum is the first global programmatic marketplace for market research sample. Our software is changing the way you buy and supply sample – we think it’ll change your life! Fulcrum is fast, flexible, cost-efficient, and transparent.


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Fulcrum is Transparent.


Full visibility for buyer and seller.

Smart and cost-efficient supply chain management.




Fulcrum is Fast.


Get what you need in hours, not days.

Fulcrum is Flexible.


Manage and optimize your own supply,
work with a vast global marketplace,
or anything in between.

With Fulcrum, you set the parameters.



Best in class sample powered by an open exchange.



I'm a Sample Buyer

Fulcrum provides sample buyers with a robust operating platform, seamlessly combining project management, procurement, and transparency with automated buying and selling.

As the Industry’s single open platform unifying all sample operations, Fulcrum delivers everything from bidding and buying to fielding and invoicing.

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I'm a Sample Supplier

Suppliers on the Fulcrum Exchange gain access to the largest and fastest growing inventory of surveys with knowledge of and control over who is buying the sample.

Fulcrum APIs provide a standardized method for reading live survey qualification criteria, remaining available quotas, current pricing, and performance statistics. All of this is done without utilizing the personal data of panel members.

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Can you dig it?

Can you dig it?


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