Advertising & Media Impact Measurement

Measure the impact of your advertising. We survey consumers after they are exposed to your advertising campaign, helping you determine campaign success.

Find out if your ads are as effective as you think.

Impact Measurement delivers proprietary brand lift metrics and daily survey results in an always-on dashboard, so you can measure digital campaign success and optimize media performance in real-time.

Track Success in Real-Time

Make more informed decisions with statistically-tested survey data and brand lift metrics, refreshed daily, for your selected branding key performance indicators (KPIs).

Optimize Your Media Performance

Uncover campaign optimization opportunities with actionable data exposing positive or negative performance.

Smarter Data Visualization

Save time with intuitive charts that display data cut by the tactics, creatives, and demos you value.

Backed by Powerful Technology

Backed by the Lucid Marketplace and sophisticated APIs ensuring scalable and fast measurement.

Real-time dashboard

Make informed decisions with statistically significant data, refreshed nightly, at your fingertips.

Get Started With Impact Measurement

Easy Implementation
Implement our powerful Lucid tracking pixel or other appropriate tracking mechanism into your ad creative.

Immediate Responses
We match your ad impressions with available respondents in real-time – so you can seamlessly survey those exposed to your campaign.

Gauge Audience Perceptions
Ask consumers who have seen your ads questions about brand awareness, message comprehension, purchase intent, or anything else vital to your business.

Informed Business Decisions
Use survey results to make real-time business decisions and craft more effective media strategies.

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LUCID Media Measurement Services

Let our project management team run studies for you.

  • Measure campaigns of virtually any size
  • Hand-crafted, tailored, data files delivered directly to you

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