Basics of ResTech: Improving Respondent Experience

Improving Respondent Experience

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At the other end of every survey there are people. Real people with real lives, real struggles, real needs. Because research is focused on outcomes (we want answers and we want them quickly) it’s easy to forget that what we make when we make a survey is a request to another human being. We’re asking for a real person’s time, attention, and personal information– all precious, all intimate. We can’t get to our outcomes without such requests. It stands to reason that how we make those requests makes a big difference– from the tenor of the system as a whole down to the quality of the answers.

Holladay Saltz
Senior UX Designer

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Lucid sits at the center of the programmatic insights ecosystem. While we’re not a survey platform or a market research firm, Lucid’s sampling Marketplace operates between the two. 

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