Fielding Assistant

Lucid’s new feature, Fielding Assistant, monitors and adjusts your survey in real time to ensure you get the completes you need. 

Your survey will complete on time and on budget, with no manual intervention required from you! And as soon as your study wraps up, Fielding Assistant will email you to let you know.

Using Fielding Assistant, you’ll be able to

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Free up more time

Save time manually monitoring and adjusting surveys and focus on other important projects

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Complete surveys successfully

Fielding Assistant dynamically adjusts cost per interview (CPI) as the survey is filled to make sure that it completes on time and on budget.

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Get project management support

No matter your experience level, you can benefit from Fielding Assistant’s use of machine learning and AI to optimize the survey as it’s live. Fielding Assistant will optimize the survey so you don’t have to!


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Current Lucid customers

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To use Fielding Assistant, set up a survey as usual and click the toggle to enable Fielding Assistant.