Our Survey Sampling Platform

How the LUCID Marketplace Works

We like to think of Lucid as a questions-and-answers ecosystem. In our Marketplace, agencies, brands, or any other organization that needs survey responses (also known as “sample”) can connect directly with suppliers who provide respondents.

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Reverse Auction Design

With suppliers bidding on buyers’ projects, Marketplace buyers set the price of sample.

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Transparent Exchange

Buyers know exactly who they are buying from – and suppliers know who they’re selling to. We don’t white-label your sample.

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Built For Speed

Respondents are immediately matched with the surveys they qualify for – as soon as the study is launched.

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Highest-quality Sample

Five independent quality checks, including our Lucid Quality Program, ensure that your survey responses are authentic.


I am interested in sourcing survey responses from the Marketplace.

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I am interested in supplying survey respondents to the Marketplace.

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“Previously, with phone research, it was limited – maybe we could do a couple of surveys a week. With the API integration we have with Lucid, we’re launching 20 to 30 tests a day.”

Rishi Guahray
Survey Scientist, Civis Analytics
Marketplace Customer

LUCID: A True Marketplace

Lucid operates as a true marketplace, which means we don’t set the price of sample or show preference to any suppliers. Our job is simply to create the ecosystem and ensure that the Marketplace is a reliable and secure place for you to do business.