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If you’re looking for an easy way to field online surveys, Lucid is the answer. The Lucid Marketplace is designed to quickly match your survey with respondents who meet your targeting criteria – so you know you’re getting answers from the right people.

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Cost Savings
With automated processes and hundreds of suppliers bidding on your projects, you can expect significant cost savings.

Fast Results
Our programmatic technology allows suppliers to start matching your survey with the right respondents as soon as you launch.

High Quality
All respondents are carefully vetted through rigorous quality checks to ensure that Lucid-sourced sample meets your standards.

Get clear reporting on where your answers are being sourced and the market price of the survey data you’re buying.

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Get the answers you need from the right source – in one interface.

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Clear Project Feasibility

Our feasibility tool takes the guesswork out of CPI and LOI by using real-time data from the Lucid Marketplace to confirm the availability and pricing of your sample prior to launching a study.

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Easy Quota Management

Determine the exact specs of the audience you want. Our platform is programmatic, meaning it automatically communicates with suppliers in real time and adjusts sample to fit your project’s quota needs.
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Answers in Minutes

After setting up your project, you can decide when it goes live. With the push of a button, your survey will be delivered directly to respondents who match your targeting criteria–getting you answers instantly.
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Diversified Audiences

With the click of a button, you can target an audience based on 200+ predefined attributes. Create any blend of targeting characteristics – including gender, age, location, interests, and many more.
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Custom Blending

Whether you’re running an ongoing tracker or a single study, being in control of your supplier blend is key. We offer customizable blending settings to make sure your results are consistently accurate.
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Actionable Analytics

Our built-in analytics tools allow you to track the progress of your survey – in real-time. So you can keep an eye on quotas, blending, and other important aspects of your project

Marketplace options.

There are many ways you can access the Lucid Marketplace. Simply choose the option that works best for you.


Field your studies using our software.

  • Gain more control over quotas and other fielding specs
  • Save time and money by managing projects yourself 

Marketplace Services

Let our services team run projects for you.

  • Work with responsive sampling experts
  • Get help with your most complex studies

Marketplace Integration

Connect your system with Lucid via an API integration.

  • Access the Marketplace through your existing UI
  • Work directly with our integrations team

“It’s speed, scale, and diversity. Representativeness is what we want, and that means calling from multiple sources. We know that different types of people join different panels and come in through different types of partners. So that’s a real value prop.”

Roddy Knowles
VP, Research & Customer Success, Feedback Loop (formerly Alpha)
Marketplace Customer

Marketplace software

Field your studies using our software. Gain more control over quotas and other fielding specs. Save time and money by managing projects yourself.